Fighting hair fall in monsoons with Satthwa premium hair oil

Review of Satthwa Premium Hair Oil

We wanted to share with you a video review by blogger “The Style Chair” as she tried the Satthwa premium hair oil for a month. Like most of us, she too had crazy hair fall issues in the monsoon along with frizzy and life less hair.

Not only did she report a reduction in hair fall but also reduction in dandruff and new hair growth! View her video review on the Satthwa premium hair oil.

Frizzy hair treatment for dry & damaged hair – DIY hair mask

frizzy hair treatment

Almost everyone is born with beautiful and healthy hair but somewhere along the line, we stop taking care of our hair until it’s too late. These days it’s not just eating and living healthy but also the pollution which can affect your hair adversely and therefore it becomes imperative that we take extra care our previous hair so that they still retain that youthful bounce for a long long time.

Shalini from Knot Me Pretty, has come up with an excellent hair mask which she uses to combat frizzy and nourish the dry and damaged hair. Some of the ingredients in her mask are 1) Coconut Cream 2) Honey 3) Glycerine 4) Rosewater 5) Satthwa Premium Hair oil

Each of the ingredient selected by her are because the special properties they possess, no wonder she has such healthy and naturally beautiful hair.

If you are dealing with frizzy, dry and damaged hair as well, watch her video to know how to make your very own DIY hair mask.