Postpartum hair loss and all you need to know!

Postpartum hair loss

Dear ladies reading this article, it is with much respect I congratulate you all on going through one of nature’s most beautiful transformations we women are blessed to experience! And it is with this dramatic and beautiful change does our body endure an astonishing array of hormonal and emotional changes, which also includes postpartum hair loss. Women around the world often worry about this extremely common and very temporary ailment and although it might seem extremely worrisome the facts behind this very natural occurrence would definitely lay your mind to ease.

What is Post Pregnancy Hair loss and what really causes it

As many of you may notice that during pregnancy many incur physical changes, from weight gain, skin breakouts while some experience a beautiful glow in their complexion and quite welcomingly many women also are blessed with a thick and luscious mane of hair, which of course does change post pregnancy and can be quite distressing, but let me assure you it’s completely momentarily. Here is all you need to know about the cause behind Postpartum Hair loss.

Post pregnancy hair loss and bald spots, will it grow back?

The increase of oestrogen levels in the body provokes your hair to go into its ‘resting phase’ of the hair growth cycle which is called Telogen and Anagen is the term for the growth phase which temporarily ceases due to extreme hormonal changes. While some mothers experience an overall thinning of hair, in many cases the hair falls out in clumps leading to small bald patches. Postpartum hair loss usually starts around 3 months after birth and this is quite a common occurrence and shouldn’t be a cause to deter your peace of mind while you are nurturing your little one.
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