Argan Oil

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Argan oil is one of the best oils for your skin which works as a moisturiser with hundreds other benefits it provides. It is full of nutrients which provides proper nourishment to your skin.

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Moroccan Argan Oil

Our Moroccan Argan Oil is a must-have skincare product. Argan oil is derived from the kernels of the fruit of the argan tree. It is 100% natural and pure. It has a variety of essential nutrients that are required for healthy skin, hair, and eyes. It has anti-aging effects and increases the elasticity of the skin by strengthening the tissues. It heals skin infections, fights acne marks, and provides radiant glowing skin. Argan oil is rich in vitamin E which is fat-soluble and hence it hydrates the skin by improving water retention. It is anti-inflammatory and reduces redness and irritation. It also reduces stretch marks and protects the skin against sun damage. Argan oil is also known for its wound-healing powers. It is because of all these benefits that Argan oil is also termed as the 'liquid gold.'

Our argan oil works like magic on your skin. It is the one solution to all your skin-related problems.

Has Anti-Ageing Effects
Omega fatty acids help to strengthen tissues in the skin thereby increasing the elasticity of skin.
Sun Damage Protection
Helps protect the skin from sun damage even after prolonged sun exposure.
Heals Skin Infections
Argan oil has anti sebum effects that treat acnes and promotes a smoother radiant complexion.
Treats Acne
Treats them by healing dry and cracked cuticles. Makes the nails stronger.
Moisturises Skin
It has abundant Vitamin E and fat-soluble antioxidants that improve water retention in the skin.
Reduces Stretch Marks
It retains hydration which makes the skin supple and soft reducing the formation of stretch marks.
Soothes Atopic Dermatitis
It retains hydration in acne-prone skin without clogging pores. The antioxidants present reduces acne inflammation, redness, and irritation.
Heals Wounds Faster
Helps in increasing the speed of wound healing.

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How To Use

How To Apply Argan Oil

Take a few drops of Argan oil and apply it directly over your face or scalp and massage it well. You can also use it with a carrier oil to increase the volume because the oil is expensive and a few drops of it are sufficient for one-time use.


What are the benefits of Argan oil?

Argan oil has a number of benefits and they start from healing your cracked lips to boosting your immunity. It has antioxidants which help in anti-ageing and new skin cells formation. The presence of fatty omega acids increases skin elasticity which leads to baby soft skin. Vitamin E and A promote regeneration of cells and removal of acne scarring. It’s hydrating properties provide deep nourishment to skin resulting in reduced sun’s damage and hydrated skin.

Why is it called ‘liquid gold’?

Argan oil is a multi-beneficiary oil which is used on major body issues like- skin dryness, anti-ageing, hair-fall, nail growth, immunity boosting (edible Argan oil) etc. The fact that it is a dry oil which can be used as a moisturiser and under the make-up is major bonus because other oils leave an oily texture but this oil immediately absorbs into your skin, leaving no after effects. Because of the varied amount of benefits, it provides, it is also termed as ‘liquid gold’.

Can I use Argan oil under the make-up as a moisturiser?

Yes, Argan oil can be used under make-up and as a moisturiser too. It is a dry oil which absorbs instantly into your skin leaving no oily texture. Its hydrating properties works to nourish your skin like any other oil and because it absorbs instantly, it can be easily used under the make-up to lock moisture for long hours.

Why is Argan Oil expensive?

Argan Oil has a very long and tedious extraction process which starts with manually handpicking seeds and then properly drying them and later the process changes to machinery. The process involves cracking open each shell manually and it alone stretches to three four days. Also the Argan tree originally grows in Morocco therefore, the import and export costs also play an important role in the high prices.