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Our collection of 100% pure organic essential oils for Hair, Skin & other Benefits

SAVE 6% Good Night Essential Oil Blend for Sleep
Rs.499 Rs.470

Good Night Blend (15ml)

Blend of Five, 100% organic essential oil.

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SAVE 8% Lavender Essential Oil For Hair and Skin
Rs.300 Rs.275

Lavender Essential Oil (15ml)

100% organic essential oil. Lavandula officinalis

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100% Pure & Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil (15ml)

100% organic essential oil. Melaleuca Oil

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Lemongrass Essential Oil For Hair and Skin

Lemongrass Essential Oil (15ml)

100% organic essential oil

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SAVE 8% Pure Organic Rosemary Essential Oil
Rs.300 Rs.275

Rosemary Essential Oil (15ml)

100% organic essential oil

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Pure Organic Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil (15ml)

100% organic essential oil. Mentha Piperita

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About Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for medicinal and health purposes. Essential oils have many uses, such as antidepressant, stimulating, detoxifying, antibacterial, antiviral calming properties, hair & skin. Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants. These oils capture the plant's scent and flavour, also called it's "essence." Essential oils are obtained through steam distillation or cold press technique. Essential oils obtained through chemical processes are not considered true essential oils as they lack in therapeutic value even if the sent is the same. Essential oils if used properly, often result in immediate relief to various medical conditions without any side effects, no wonder why some essential oils are found in almost all medicine cabinets.

Benefits of Peppermint essential oil

Satthwa premium hair oil – know the ingredients

Article from our blog | 23.06.2018

In this article, we will give you a deep insight into the ingredients of Satthwa’s Premium hair oil. And why this oil is very regular and at the same time special for your hair. Read more...

A little about us!

Satthwa means 'pure' in Sanskrit and we stand by our motto 'pure to the core'

Satthwa was started in 2016 with the introduction of the Satthwa Premium Hair Oil, since then the hair oil has benefited thousands of men & women and the success of which has paved the way to launching other natural beauty products. At Satthwa we believe in “pure to the core” and all our products are made from Grade A pure ingredients without the use of harmful chemicals and parabens. We bring out products which are not just for aesthetics but also possess the ability to make a real difference in our lives.

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