Anti Acne Gel

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Made from natural ingredients to clear your skin of acne/pimples. This Anti Acne Gel will reduce inflammation and redness in no time.

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Anti Acne Gel

Keeping the skin clear of acne and pimples, our Anti-Acne Gel is 100% natural. With extracts of Aloe vera, soybean, and pear, it is the right treatment for acne and its scars. Its applicator tube keeps it touch-free and can be directly applied to the affected area without wastage. Its rich ingredients are the secret behind its amazing effect. Users have seen results within 3-4 days of application.

  • Prevents acne breakout
  • Cleanses skin
  • Controls secretion of sebum oil in the skin
  • Shrinks pores and evens out skin tone
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Regulates acne-related hormonal changes
Pear Extracts
Antibacterial substances cleanse the skin, stop acne and pimple breakout.
Salicylic acid and Vitamin A controls the secretions of sebum oil in the skin.
Jojoba Ester
Signals oily and acne-prone skin to balance itself.
Aloe Vera Extract
Anti-bacterial property controls acne-causing bacteria.
Willow Bark Extract
Contains Salicin, which is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Shrinks the appearance of pores and evens out skin tone.
Soybean Seed Extract
Helps in balancing oil and acne-related hormonal changes.

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Before & After

Anti Acne Gel Before & After Images

Radhika used the anti acne gel for 4 days and the result is amazing. She applied on the places where the acne was severe and you can see a 90% difference. Acne are almost gone and the skin is a lot clearer without any drying.

*Individual results may vary.

Anti Acne Results Before and After
How To Use

How To Use Anti Acne Gel

Start off by washing your face, you can use our Neem & Turmeric Face Wash, as this face wash is foaming face wash, it will help lift all impurities. Now open the Anti Acne Gel tube and apply a small amount directly on the affected area. If need be then adjust with fingers. Leave it overnight on your face and then wash your face in the morning.

We recommend applying the anti acne gel daily at night.


Will this anti acne gel work for me?

We have tested our anti acne gel on many people with small pimples to chronic acne and for 95% of the people the product has worked perfectly, please see "The Proof" section for before and after results.

Will i have to wash my face before applying the anti acne gel?

Yes, it is advisable that you wash your face with a good face wash (you can try our neem and turmeric face wash) and then apply the anti acne gel.

How long before i see results.

Results might vary but generally you can see the results in 3-5 days of use itself.

Can I stop using the gel after my acne are gone?

Yes, you can stop using the gel when the acne are gone.