Ylang Ylang Essential Oil


Ylang Ylang oil is known for its aromatic uses, mainly to treat anxiety, stress, insomnia and depression. It also helps with reducing blood pressure and enhancing the mood. Further it works as a bug repellant and also combats fungal infection and clears acne.

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Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang Ylang is a tropical species flower that is native to countries surrounding the Indian Ocean, hence is abundantly found in India. Ylang Ylang essential oil is primarily used to boost mood, relieve anxiety, reduce depression, lower blood pressure and stimulate oil production in the skin and on the scalp. The strong sedative effect of Ylang Ylang essential oil helps significantly in reducing high blood pressure by inhalation.

Linalool present in this essential oil has properties that reduce anxiety, promote calm and relaxing approach and also helps combat fungal infection. It consists of antidepressant that helps treat insomnia and stress. This essential oil also helps reduce clear acne, lice and can be used as an insect repellant.

Mood Enhancer
Enhances mood and works as a great antidepressant.
Alleviate Anxiety
Aromatherapy with Ylang Ylang helps reduce anxiety.
Lowers Blood Pressure
Calms you down and reduces blood pressure.
For Sleep
Naturally calming properties of this essential oil also helps in inducing good sleep.
Muscle Tension
Applying along with a carrier oil helps in releasing muscle tension.
Bug Repellent
Protects clothes from infestation of moths. Prevent mosquitoes bites.

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How To Use

How To use Ylang Ylang Oil

For aromatic purpose - Pour a few drops onto cloth or pillow. You can use it as diffuser oil by adding a few drops with water to an essential oil burner.

For application purpose -Take a drop or two of the Ylang Ylang essential oil and mix it with carrier oil like Satthwa fractionated coconut oil or jojoba oil. Keep away from eyes. For external use only.


In How many ways can we use Ylang Ylang essential oil?

You can mix this oil with carrier oil; preferably Satthwa fractionated coconut oil or Satthwa jojoba oil for application. You can further take a drop and rub it on a cloth or on the pillow for inhalation to relax and be stress free. You should never consume it! You can also use this in a diffuser to aromatise your surroundings or for application.

How does Ylang Ylang oil help diffuse anxiety and stress?

There is Linalool present in Ylang ylang essential oil. This has antidepressant properties in it and is also a little sedative which helps calm nerves and hence helps your mind and body relax.

Is it safe to use it on face daily?

No essential oil should be used directly! To use Ylang ylang Essential Oil you should mix a drop to a teaspoon of Satthwa fractionated coconut oil or Satthwa jojoba Oil, gently massage and cleanse post thirty minutes. Please patch test prior as different skin react differently to even 100% natural products. It helps improve the appearance of ageing skin.

How does it help get us a clear skin?

Ylang ylang essential oil is very beneficial in skin care. It works effectively on acne. Its anti-fungal properties help clear acne and make the skin clearer. It moisturises the skin and helps in cells regeneration. Its hydrating properties make it a great anti-ageing agent as it works on fine lines and wrinkles. Ylang ylang oil is also good in absorbing excess sebum.