How to straighten hair without heat?

How to straighten hair without heat

Put those heat tools down. Yes! You heard it right. Straightening curly or wavy hair without a heating tool. Is it really possible? Well, let’s find out how to straighten hair without heat. No one wants a frizzy and messy look. And to get a neat look, we always go for straightening. Changing curly locks into a stick-straight hairstyle requires the use of irons, chemicals, and dryers. 

How does heat damage your hair? 

1. Dryness 

One of the most common signs you experience is the loss of moisture. Heat-induced damage leaves the locks dehydrated. Their internal protein system is affected, causing fizziness and breakage. 

2. Dullness 

Hair cuticles make your locks shiny. Heat impacts these cuticles. When they are wrecked, your hair becomes dull and lifeless.

3. Changes hair pigment 

When you regularly let your hair go through high temperatures, you tend to lose hair pigment. Heat damaged hair fails to retain the natural hair color.  

4. Hair loss 

Hair shedding is common. We tend to lose them due to various reasons. But if you notice that you are losing more hair than usual after heat styling, then you are doomed. Heat-induced damage weakens the strands. 

How to straighten hair without heat?

1. Hair wrapping 

Before these styling devices were actually made, people resorted to hair wrapping techniques. It is a simple solution to how to straighten hair without heat. You just need long bobby pins.

After washing your hair, begin by parting your hair into two. Then split the top section further. Comb to make them flat. Now bring one section of the hair and pin it tightly to the opposite side of your head. Repeat this for each section. As your hair dries up, these pins will make the hair straight. 

2. Straightening hair products 

Try various shampoos and conditioners appointed for the straightening role. With a regular wash, they help minimize frizz and curls. Most of them contain protein, biotin or keratin to do the work. You can also go for leave-in conditioning products and styling serums to neaten your look. They can simplify your heat styling woes.

3. Keep brushing wet hair 

General advice forbids combing wet hair, in order to avoid hair breakage. But if you want naturally straight tresses then you may try brushing wet hair. 

The trick is to towel dry your wet locks. Then take a wide-tooth comb and gently brush along the lengths. Get rid of knots slowly. In case, there are serious tangles, unravel them with your fingers first. Comb through your length after every five minutes. Follow this until your hair is dry. 

4. Rinse your hair with milk 

Milk is a natural straightening ingredient. It has protein that helps smoothen locks and revive dull hair. It even conditions your hair and makes them shinier and softer. Wash your hair. Take half a glass of milk and start pouring on wet hair. Cover your lengths as well as your scalp. Rinse off with water after a minute.