The Daily Drench - Mild Shampoo

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Satthwa Daily Drench Shampoo is a gentle for daily use. With a balanced pH of 5.5, this shampoo strengthens hair strands and roots, prevents moisture loss. It cleanses the scalp without over-drying, and locks in moisture, making it an ideal choice for maintaining a healthy scalp and vibrant, well-nourished hair. This shampoo is designed to prevent skin irritation and long-term damage to the scalp and hair.

- Mild Everyday Shampoo
- pH 5.5 Balanced Shampoo
- Sulfate and Paraben Free

Quantity - 225ml | All Hair Types | Unisex

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Daily Drench - Everyday Shampoo!

What makes this mild shampoo so special?

Gentle formula clears buildup from the scalp while balancing the hydration in the scalp. It strengthens hair strands and roots, prevents moisture loss from hair and makes the hair look shiny, voluminous and thick.

  • Boosts scalp barrier with pH 5.5
  • Cleanses scalp without over-drying
  • For healthy, voluminous hair
  • Locks in moisture

We also wanted to make this shampoo Paraben and Sulfate free so that it does not irritate the skin and prevents damage to the scalp and hair in the long run. Made for all hair types! Recommended for both men and women.

PH 5.5
The pH of water is 7 which is neutral. Normal, healthy skin has a pH of 5.5 which is slightly acidic and Sebamed products also have a pH of 5.5. pH 5.5 leads to soft and smooth skin, aids in skin renewal and imparts a healthy glow to the skin and guards the skin from infections.
Sulfate Free
Sulfate-free shampoo, as the name suggests, is formulated without the use of sulfate-based cleansers. Instead, sulfate-free cleansers are crafted to lather and clean away dirt, oil, and unwanted build-up.
Clinically Tested
This clinically tested formula has calming cleansing ingredients like Niacinamide that work to revive and repair sensitive scalps while restoring the scalp barrier for thicker, strengthened hair strands. Ideal for those with frizzy, dry, damaged and dull hair.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Smels amazing, good quality,my hair loves it


I found it to be quite hydrating, and this helps my hair grow more quickly and thicker, I will definitely purchase more of it.

Pallu ahirwar

My all-time favourite shampoo has to be this one. Additionally, it is sulphate- and paraben-free.

akash kumar
Quality product

It's a good shampoo for daily use, I use it everyday, it cleanses your hair nicely, your hair won't feel dry after using it. My hair feels smooth and moisturized after using it. Value for money product good for hair.

Gautam Ratra
Amazing product at amazing price..

I have used satthwas hair oil before and found it very effective in controlling hair thought of trying the shampoo as well...Simply amazing!!

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How To Use

How To Apply Daily Drench Everyday Shampoo

Rinse your hair thoroughly. Take a small quantity of shampoo in your hands and work it into slight foam. Then apply it on the scalp and massage it to form a rich lather. Keep in mind that this is a sulfate-free shampoo and you might need a little more than a regular shampoo.

We recommend using Satthwa Hair oil's before shampooing to get healthy and well-nourished hair!


What are the benefits of Satthwa’s Daily Drench Everyday Shampoo?

It gently cleanses dirt and buildup from your scalp without over stripping the scalp of its natural oils. A pH of 5.5 maintains the scalp barrier and prevents sensitive scalps from turning dry and flaky. Allows hair strands to look thicker, strengthened and frizz-free. A sulfate-free formulation makes this ideal for everyday use for mildly purifying the scalp.

Are sulfate-free shampoos better for hair?

Sulphates are responsible for the thick lather in shampoos. Sulphates, which are almost a standard ingredient for most shampoos, can irritate your scalp, cause frizziness and can also strip the colour from your dyed hair. Without them, your scalp finally gets a chance to replenish and revive its scalp integrity.

Can I use this as a regular shampoo?

Yes! Absolutely. This formulation is suitable for people who work out every day, thus their hair requires daily cleansing from dirt, sweat and buildup. A mild formulation with pH 5.5 will prevent microbial growth in the scalp and maintain the optimum oil balance to prevent flakiness, buildup and dull hair.

Will this shampoo help my damaged hair?

For Sure! Our Daily Drench Everyday Shampoo is formulated with Niacinamide, among many other revitalizing ingredients. Its circulation-boosting properties allow better absorption of nutrients in the scalp. Thus, it replenishes the hair follicles and gives a moisturized and hydrated appearance to hair strands, making them look thick, shiny and plumped with volume.

Who can use Daily Drench Everyday Shampoo?

Absolutely anyone can use the Satthwa Daily Drench Everyday Shampoo. It will be ideal for people who have oily scalps. An oily scalp could be a result of excessive heat styling, sweat accumulation due to heavy workouts, or even genetics. Thus, to allow the hair to maintain its oil balance without stripping the scalp dry, Satthwa’s Daily Drench Everyday Shampoo will be ideal.