Blueberry Face Wash


Indulge your skin with a powerhouse of nutrients and antioxidants. With blueberries' antioxidant properties and AHAs, BHAs, and Niacinamide's ability to promote cell regeneration, this formula is a must-have for achieving healthy, glowing skin every day.

Its pH-balanced formula help keep the skin barrier intact, preventing moisture loss and keeping the skin hydrated, supple, and healthy.

Quantity - 100ml | All Skin Types | Unisex

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Satthwa Blueberry Face Wash with 2% AHA-BHA!

A gentle face wash that clears out impurities from the skin, unclogs pores with exfoliation beads that melt at contact and keeps skin soft and hydrated. The presence of 2% AHA-BHA acids unclogs dirt, pollutants and acne-causing bacteria, by gentle cell turnover.

With buffering and antioxidant ingredients, this formulation dissolves dead skin cells and prevents further damage in the form of sun spots, blackheads, pigmentation and pore-clogging.

  • Clears skin congestion
  • Prevents acne, blackheads and whiteheads
  • Calms redness and improves skin texture
  • Leaves skin hydrated, supple and smooth
  • Prevents hyperpigmentation

Balanced at pH 5.5, this allows for the skin barrier in staying intact to prevent skin congestion and clogging from impurities like dead skin, bacteria, pollutants etc. AHA and BHA reveal fresh skin underneath to fight acne, acne marks and sun damage.

Antioxidant activity repels dull texture and promotes glow.
Aloe Vera
Hydrating and calming on damaged and sensitive skin.
1% Glycolic Acid for revealing brightened, blemish-free skin.
1% Salicylic Acid for preventing pore clogging, blackheads and whiteheads.
Soothing agent that battles post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
Maintain skin's natural pH balance, crucial in keeping the skin healthy, moisturised, and protected

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Good product

I liked the product , it is useful for my oily skin, it as mild exfoliants, overall the product is good ...but fragrance is little overpowering

Must buy

Best Face Wash, felling refreshed after every wash

Sanya M

It is a very good blueberry face wash which is really helpful to remove acne from my face.

Simply great

I have an oily skin and it worked very well for me, skin feels a shade lighter and also smooth. Does not dry out the skin at all. I use 2 times a day and i highly recommend it.

Just wow

I am in love with this facewash. It happens to cleanse your face, prevent the skin from pimples, it has anti-ageing properties. Loved it.

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How To Use

How To Apply Blueberry Face Wash

With clean hands, take a pea-sized amount, and work it into a rich foam in your hands. Take the foam, and apply it on your skin in a circular motion. After 2 minutes, rinse smoothly and pat your face dry.


What are AHAs and BHAs?

Alpha Hydroxy Acids. (AHAs) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs, are derived from fruits, and these are water-soluble acids. In this product, AHA used is Glycolic Acid and the BHA used is Salicylic Acid. They are meant to gently dissolve the top layer of skin cells and create a protective barrier against impurities.

Is it safe?

Yes, If you are just starting out, use a low percentage. 1-3% is a good place to start. This is why Satthwa’s Blueberry Face Wash has only 2% AHA and BHA acids so it is appropriate for daily use. Remember to wear sunscreen after.

Is it suitable for acne-prone skin?

This face wash is specially created with acne-prone skin in mind. This facewash combats all the problems that most people acne prone skin face. BHA for preventing new pimple formations. AHA for correcting acne spots from newly healed pimples. Niacinamide for hyperpigmentation post inflammation. Blueberry and Aloe Vera Extracts for For hydration, bouncy and supple feel with each fash.

Is this clinically tested?

Yes, this formulation is tested clinically and is maintained at pH 5.5 for a protective skin barrier to sustain with each face wash. This does not strip the skin of essential hydration and microbiota, allowing the skin to breathe with each wash.