The Green Gold: Jojoba

Jojoba - The Green Gold

Under the harsh summer sun, grew a magnificent little drought tolerant shrub, believed to be abundantly blessed with the desert and the earths energies. Awed by the vastly beneficial properties of this unassuming plant the Egyptians honourably christened it Green Gold, for it truly lived up to its name.

The Jojoba (pronounced ho-ho-ba) plants care is minimal and this perennial shrub grows wild. Native American discovered the remarkable versatility of the Jojoba plant, they would heat the jojoba seeds to soften them and in a mortar and pestle would grind it to create a buttery substance. This was used to heal hair and skin conditions, including sunburn. In the 18th century Jesuit missionaries of the Baja California Peninsula observed this unique use of this plant and were fascinated by its tremendously powerful healing properties. The salve had many uses indeed, from softening and preserving animal hides to keeping hunger at bay while hunters were on their trail. It was also believed that if pregnant woman ate the seed it would ensure easy childbirth.

The Dawn of Jojoba Oil

The Native Americans extracted the oil from the Jojoba seeds to treat sores and wounds. Jojoba oil was primarily used in the 1940’s by the U.S military forces during the war as additives to automotive oils and lubricants and machine guns were lubricated and maintained with Jojoba oil. It was not until the 1970’s during the ban of importing whale oil did it lead to the discovery of the oil being beneficial for application in the cosmetic industry. Unrefined Jojoba oil appears as a clear golden liquid with a slightly nutty fragrance as compared to the refined jojoba oil, which is colourless and odourless, which works as an excellent carrier oil for several essential oils.

Jojoba oil now is a very popular additive in cosmetic products that purely profess on using only natural ingredients. A high percentage of hair and skin beauty products contain jojoba oil. The pure oil is widely used directly on the skin and hair because of its natural healing ability to fight infections and dehydration.

Why must Jojoba Oil be imperative to your beauty regime?

Evolving with our very inconsistent environment, many now have altered their lives embracing a more pure and practical personal regime. The global cosmetic industry is expected to garner around 430 Billion by 2022. It is estimated that 64% of consumers in the Asia Pacific region are now turning to eco -friendly products in all aspects of their lives, especially beauty products. Top tier Skin & hair care Brands are now working on meeting the demands of this new trend. Naturalism being the new formed cult that seems to have many ardently following, have created a new platform for natural ingredient products sans the fancy Brand label that was once trusted.

The desire to maintain a pure and healthy way of living has brought many such herbs that were unsung heroes into the limelight, which for centuries have made a remarkable change in our lives by their simple existence, that were over powered by the luxury brands that endorsed their benefits. The rising need for natural and organic products, that have almost no side effects with incredibly powerful healing agents have taken over the mindset of the beauty conscious consumer. When we all desire is to look as natural, young and ageless as we possibly can, why would you want to splurge on hair and skin care products that have very sketchy results in most cases and are almost always chemical based?

The Hallowed Jojoba

The fact remains is that Jojoba Oil has become synonymous with all natural beauty care products the world over. The trust in the purity of this truly remarkable herb has proved its importance in the cosmetic industry. This oil has an ability to adjust to any skin type without causing any irritation of the skin, being of a waxy substance it moistures and guards the glands in the skin from all external elements. It surprisingly works wonder in maintaining oily skin, the counterintuitive effect of this oil helps reduce oiliness unlike any other product.

The reason this is effective is because, when the skin remains hydrated by the protective layer of jojoba’s liquid wax, the sebaceous glands respond to it by reducing the regulating sebum production. Which in simple layman terms mean that these microscopic glands in our skin that secrete an oily substance called sebum which is nature’s way of lubricating and waterproofing our skin and hair, sometimes gets over produced causing oily skin or scalp, hence Jojoba to the rescue.

Rich in vitamin E and with its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, with its ability to create a barrier from external irritants it’s has proved to be essential in the treatment for Eczema and Psoriasis. Both conditions are characterised by dry, itchy skin which are prone to secondary bacterial infections, Jojoba Oil is extremely effective in healing these ailments, as it prevents germs entering the inflamed cracked skin. This works brilliantly in also treating scalp Psoriasis as this truly ingenious oil being rich in antioxidants helps in strengthening the immune system. As some essential oils act as analgesic, like Rosemary Oil which helps in treating pain relief due to rheumatic and arthritic conditions. Using Jojoba oil as the carrier oil for other essential oils helps the skin to absorb topical drugs better as researchers have proved.

The extremely low maintenance of the perennial plant, that also does so much for land and soil conservation has made itself indispensable to the cosmetic and holistic healing industry. The magical versatility of this humble herb indefinitely deserves being graciously dubbed, Green Gold!

Have a look at our video to get some quick trips on how you can use the Jojoba oil effectively.

Happy Healing Ya’ll!!!

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