5 tests to check shilajit purity at home

5 test to check shilajit purity at home

Shilajit, a natural resin known for its health benefits, needs to be pure to ensure its effectiveness. Here are five tests you can perform at home to check the purity of shilajit:

1. Solubility Test Procedure:

Dissolve a small piece of shilajit in warm water.

Observation: Pure shilajit will dissolve completely, leaving no residue, and the solution should appear golden or dark brown.

2. Burn Test Procedure:

Take a small amount of shilajit and burn it with a flame.

Observation: Pure shilajit will burn without producing smoke and will leave behind minimal ash. If it produces a lot of smoke or residue, it may be impure.

3. Pliability Test Procedure:

Place shilajit in the refrigerator for a few hours and then try to shape it.

Observation: Pure shilajit will become hard and brittle when cold but will soften and become sticky when warmed by hand.

4. Colour Test Procedure:

Observe the colour of shilajit in natural light.

Observation: Pure shilajit typically has a dark brown to black colour. Variations in colour might indicate impurities.

5. Acid Test Procedure:

Mix shilajit with vinegar or another weak acid.

Observation: Pure shilajit will dissolve and not react violently. If it fizzes or shows a strong reaction, it may contain impurities or additives.


Performing these simple tests can help you determine the purity of shilajit, ensuring you consume a product that is both safe and effective. Pure shilajit will dissolve completely in water, burn cleanly, be pliable, have a consistent dark color, and show no strong reaction with weak acids.

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