Castor Oil - Cold Pressed

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Experience the purest form of natural beauty with our Cold-Pressed Castor Oil. Rich in nutrients and free from additives, it promotes luxurious hair growth, deeply hydrates skin, and offers powerful anti-inflammatory benefits. Elevate your skincare and haircare routine with this versatile, all-natural elixir.

- Promotes Hair Growth
- Skin Moisturisation

Quantity - 200ml

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Castor Oil For Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails!

Satthwa’s Castor oil (also known as Arandi Ka Tel in Hindi) is derived from high-quality castor seeds. It is rich in Vitamin E, Ricinoleic Acid, Omega 6, 9 & antioxidants essential for strong hair & smooth skin.

Massaging castor oil into your scalp can increase blood flow to the hair follicles, which helps in hair growth. It is a natural moisturizer for the skin. It has antioxidant properties that fight free radicals.

Benefits of Castor oil include:
- Voluminous Hair Growth
- Reduces split-ends
- Hydrates dry skin, heels & lips
- Thicker eyebrows & eyelashes
- Stronger nails growth

Castor oil is cold pressed; free from parabens & mineral oil; no added artificial fragrance and color. It is hexane free that uses no harmful chemicals during extraction.

Castor Oil
Castor oil derived from high-quality castor seeds. Rich in Vitamin E, Ricinoleic Acid, Omega 6,9 & antioxidants essential for strong hair & smooth skin.
Hexane Free
Hexane-free castor oil is the type of natural castor oil that does not use any such harmful chemicals during the extraction process and is free of all synthetic chemicals.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
kevin john
Excellent Product

The oil is perfect for dry skin. It will take time sometime to apply the oil due to its density, but it stays on for longer and has a better impact

Riya rao
Wonderful oil

It is very fabulous oil. I ever use before. It's fragrance is very awesome. It is very nonstick oil. It is very helpful in hair growth and other it.

Umer Shaikh
Very useful and effective.

Love the sturdy packing and the quality of oil is quite good and pure. Very effective and best oil for hair growth 💓

Pushpa Banjare

Very good product am happy


Very effective and potent castor oil. Fall in love with the quality. This mansoon include it on your hair care regime highly effective in new growth....

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How To Use

How To Apply Castor Oil

There are so many ways to use castor oil. Take a few drops of oil in your palm, rub it, and apply on the scalp and length. Massage gently and leave it overnight. Wash it with a sulfate, paraben free shampoo.

Other Uses:
- For dry skin, massage the oil on your body before shower
- To get longer lashes, apply it with the help of a cotton bud
- Apply it directly on your eyebrows for a thicker growth
- Rub it evenly on your dry lips
- Apply a drop on your nails to make them stronger
- For cracked heels, massage it & leave it overnight


What is cold-pressed Castor Oil?

Castor oil is extracted from high-quality castor seeds through cold-pressing. Cold pressing is a process that involves no-heat/less heat and chemicals when these seeds are crushed. It maintains the original nutrients of the oil.

How should I use castor oil for hair?

We recommend you to apply the hair oil on your scalp and then massage gently for 3-4 minutes. Leave it overnight and then wash the next morning with a sulfate, paraben free shampoo. Apply 2 times a week for 2-3 months for best results.

Can castor oil help with eyebrows and eyelashes?

Yes, castor oil can help with eyebrows and eyelashes by nourishing hair follicles with its ricinoleic acid and moisturising with omega-9 fatty acids, promoting healthier and thicker growth. Apply it regularly using a clean mascara wand or cotton swab for best results.

Can castor oil help with constipation?

Yes, castor oil can help with constipation due to its strong laxative properties. It stimulates bowel movements by increasing the movement of the intestines.

Can I apply castor oil on my face?

Castor oil is suitable for all skin types. It helps in relieving dry and dull skin. It goes deep into the skin and hydrates it. Apply castor oil 30 minutes before taking shower.

What is castor oil used for?

Due to its powerful laxative properties, castor oil is often used to treat constipation. Castor oil's moisturising properties make it a popular ingredient in skincare products and natural remedies for skin conditions. Castor oil is also known for its potential to support hair health, promote hair growth.