Organic Henna Powder (Sojat Mehndi)


Created for damage-free, natural-looking hair colouring, Satthwa’s Organic Henna Powder coats hair semi-permanently in a deep, rich, brown hue. 100% Pure and Organic Henna Powder meant to suit all scalp and hair types. Suitable for people with age-related hair greying and premature greying.

- 100% Certified Organic
- GI Tag - Sojat Rajasthan
- No Chemicals & No Ammonia

Quantity - 227g

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Organic Henna Powder, A Natural Hair Dye!

Henna is a natural hair dye that is derived from the leaves of the plant Lawsonia Inermis. Suitable for people who want to colour their hair without using chemical dyes, and prevent the baggage of damage that comes with it.

When applied to hair, henna benefits the hair by:

  • Gives a deep, brown colour to the hair
  • Prevents greying of hair
  • Makes hair more resilient to damage/breakage
  • Covers greys for weeks
  • No harmful additions of chemical dyes or ammonia

Known for its natural and harmless dying qualities, Henna also deeply conditions and strengthens the hair follicles, allowing the hair strands to get shiny, thick, and strong. It can be safely used by men and women and for people of all ages. Additionally, henna can be used to colour hair at any age. This product contains high lawsone content, no added chemicals, no common allergens, and no ammonia. HACCP Certified, Halal-India Certified.

GI Tag - Sojat Mehndi: Geographical Identification Number 628 - Certificate Number 372

Mehndi Leaf
It is a natural hair dye, that reduces split ends and provides deep conditioning. It makes hair healthy, glossy, and voluminous.
100% Organic
Our Henna powder comes straight from the farm.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Good Productt

After experimenting with different henna and indigo brands, I'm giving this one five star. However, some users can find instructions video us

Krishna Das
Nyc work

This is natural and you will feel better in your hair, it also works as a natural hair conditioner for me.


Smells fresh, gave dark brown shade to my mother's hair

Seema Mishra
Great for colouring hair naturally

I use it to dye my hair black, gives good long lasting results with good color release that means it is organic.


This is really organic.leaves oranges colour on your palm like green leaves henna nd so is good for hair .conditions hair so well .Lil expensive but original

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How To Use

How To Apply Henna Powder

For best results, begin with freshly washed hair. Mix 2 to 3 tablespoons of Organic Henna Powder with an equal amount of lukewarm water, adjusting the quantity based on hair length and desired darkness. Create a thick paste and let it sit, covered, for about 2 hours or overnight, as convenient for you. Then, evenly apply the paste from roots to tips, covering with a hair wrap and leaving it for 2-4 hours to prevent drying or staining. Finally, rinse thoroughly with water to reveal naturally colored hair.

*Individual results may vary. A patch test is recommended before application.


Does Satthwa Organic Henna Powder contain Ammonia?

No. Satthwa steers clear of toxins and harmful additions in its products. This henna powder is not adulterated with ammonia. Our Mhendi comes from Sojat (Rajasthan) which is GI certified for purity.

Will this henna powder suit my dry hair?

Definitely! Henna also deeply conditions and strengthens the hair follicles which allows the hair strands to get shiny, thick and strong. Use the henna powder and not only will your hair turn darker, but your hair will also be conditioned, moisturised and bouncy.

Can I use this to cover my greys from premature greying?

Absolutely! Overall, henna is a safe and natural hair dye option that can be used by men and women of all ages. It will also help to condition the hair follicles and begin to treat greying of hair from within.

How long do I have to keep the henna powder on?

At a base level, you need to apply henna for at least 2 hours to notice visible colour deposit in the hair strands. Over that, you can keep the henna paste on for 3-4 hours maximum, to get a deeper, darker colour.