5 beard mistakes you are making

Beard mistakes hair care

Growing a beard is quite a tedious process and requires extreme care on your part, but the outcome is well worth the effort.

Considering how meticulous one has to be, making mistakes comes with the territory, which can create a mess.

Here are 5 mistakes you might be making while trying to grow and maintain your mane, so stop now!

1. Being impatient

Like mentioned before, growing a beard is a process; one that varies in pace for each man.

Things start of slow, with initially, some areas looking full while others appearing patchy. It is at this point most tend to give up, thinking they don’t have the genetics to grow a full beard.

You just have to be patient here and let the magic happen, without disturbing the process; giving it at least two months.

2. Not grooming it enough

While the aim is to let it grow, grooming it is equally important part of the undertaking. No matter how busy you get, trimming your beard needs to be on your task list.

If you don’t trim the longer parts, it will start looking shabby and instead of giving a cool vibe, it will make you look unkempt. Also remember to brush it on a regular basis, doing so will keep it healthy and soft.

3. Shampooing too often

Both using the wrong shampoo and doing it too often can be harmful to your beard and its growth.

Washing it too often will dry it out and not using the right products, will again de-hydrate it; thereby stripping it off its natural oils leading to itchiness. Its advised to wash it a maximum of 2-3 times a week.

4. Not moisturising it enough

Another reason for the itchiness and dandruff can be that you’re not moisturising your beard enough.

Applying beard oil will not only help the beard look shiny and lustrous but will also hydrate your skin.

Oiling is a must and should be done everyday. Look into Satthwa’s Beard Oil, infused with goodies like almond oil, jojoba oil and grapeseed oil.

5. Shaving the neckline too high

When it's time to neaten things after the appearance of a little growth, you would want to trim your neckline for a cleaner look, but if not done right you can trim the hair too high from your jawline — making it look terrible.

To do it properly, imagine a curved line between both of your ears that passes underneath your chin. Using this as a guide, you can then use a trimmer to weed out strands that don’t follow this path.

Hopefully these tips will help you achieve the best version possible of your beard, leaving you looking suave. Finally, remember not to compare your growth/look with others, as everyone has their own trajectory. 

Love your mane and it will love you back. If you have any tips or tricks of your own, don’t forget to share them in the comments below!

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