5 Essential Tips: How to grow a beard

5 Essential Tips: How to grow a beard

The foremost thing to know about how to grow a beard is to manage your expectations. Not all beards turn out to be equal. But that doesn’t mean you can’t work with what you have. There are always options to fill a patchy beard and grow a fuller one. 

There are a few dos and don’ts to how to grow a beard. We have made a guide to offer you our best beard growth tips. Read below to find out.

How to grow a beard? 

1. Understand your growth

The first step is to understand your beard growth. There are five different areas on your face and each one sprouts differently. Let’s categorize them: 

1. The mustache: the hair above the lips

2. The soul patch: the hair below the lips

3. The goatee: the hair on a man’s chin

4. The sideburns: the hair on the cheeks

5. The neck: the hair that develops below the jawline 

Some areas grow fast and some grow slow. And it’s common for your facial hair to be patchy and not aligned with other areas. If you have normal growth, you just need some basic maintenance. If not, you have to do a little more for a thicker beard. You can go for a beard growth serum for thick beard growth. 

How to grow a beard

2. Let it grow

Let your body do its thing and grow that beard. Your facial hair can turn into something new every 10 days. And it takes around 2 months for your beard to develop fully. Till then, keep massaging it with beard oil. A good ingredient for beard oil can crop out your worries about how to grow a beard. 

3. Use right beard products

The answer to how to grow a beard lies in good quality products. If your beard is patchy or has unequal growth (which is normal), you can always apply beard growth serum. It contains keratin and redensyl that is effective in supporting beard growth. Biotin and Vitamin E nourishes the roots.

Now that your beard is expanding, it’s time to make it shine and be healthy. A beard oil can keep your mustache and skin hydrated while providing an array of benefits. The oil keeps dryness at bay and offers your hair the right nutrients it requires to bloom. A length can fill up and conceal patches to get a thicker and fuller beard. 

4. Plan your beard lines

It comes as no surprise that your beard requires atleast 1-2 months of growth to start shaping it. After surviving through the hardest stage, now comes the quirky part- styling and shaping. You can easily pull this off on your own. No need to go to a barber. 

Plan your beard lines and check for symmetry. A pro tip: Begin with the longest strands and slowly trim your way for shorter ones. Also, there’s a fine line between a well-groomed, sharp beard and just a bunch of scattered growth down to the neck. As you start trimming, decide where you want your neck line to go down. 

5. Be Patient

Last but not the least, patience is a virtue. Give your beard it's time. Do not fuss about how to grow a beard faster. Good things always take time. 

Additional tips for how to grow a beard 

1. Wash your beard regularly to keep it hygienic. A clean beard is a happy beard. 

2. Make sure your beard is not dry, otherwise it will irritate your skin. Use  beard oil to prevent it. 

3. Apply the beard oil after a shower so that the hydration locks in. 

4. Comb your beard everyday to increase blood circulation and tame your beard. This practice will also prevent tangles, frizz, breakage, and split-ends.

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