Beard oil - DIY recipe and application methods

Beard Oil DIY

Bearded Men have been turning heads around since decades. And these days, facial hair on men is actually considered fashionable. But, maintaining an attractive beard can be a lot more difficult than you would think. If there’s any good tip for promoting beard growth, it’s using a beard oil. Beard oil, just like our regular hair oil, has multiple benefits for the beard. It prevents dryness, promotes hair growth and also makes the beard manageable, if used regularly.

What is Beard Oil?

If you have to chose a single product to nourish, hydrate and maintain your beard then this miracle oil is the product you turn to. Beard Oil is basically a cosmetic oil which is designed specially for the beard. Any high quality beard oil contains two major ingredients - carrier oil and essential oil. Some higher end products may also contain Vitamin E for added care and nourishment. Carrier Oils make up for about 90% of the constituents of any beard oil. This is why these oils are actually responsible for the core benefits of beard oil. Carrier oils are typically derived from seeds and nuts and are 100% natural with the most popular ones being jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil, grapeseed oil and so on. Many beard oils contain an essential oil in the mix along with the carrier oil. These oils are generally used for fragrance purpose and are available in several different scents like citrus, lavender, sandalwood, tea tree and such others.

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Benefits of using Beard Oil

1.Helps you get rid of Beard Itch.

Just about every bearded man faces the problem of itchiness in the beard. While some men believe in 'pushing through’ this phase, the itchiness that you dread so much can be easily relieved with the right use of beard oil.

2.Can get rid of Bearduff and prevent it further.

Bearduff is basically, dandruff for the beard. It occurs due to improper care of the beard which gives rise to unwanted itchiness. When you don't use an oil, your skin becomes dry and starts to itch. This causes flaking which can easily be prevented with the regular use of oil.

3.Offers better maintenance of the beard.

Applying some amount of beard oil to your beard every day can offer better maintenance and detangle your beard hair. It makes your beard soft and manageable and gives you a well-groomed look.

4.Protects the skin underneath from Acne and inflammatory issues.

Many men suffer from acne and various inflammatory problems on the skin beneath the beard. These problems include eczema, psoriasis or rosacea. They can make you beard hair weak and brittle, causing hairloss. Use of oil on your beard will keep these issues at bay and prevent hair loss.

Homemade DIY Beard Oil

You can easily find readymade beard oils in the market or order them online. But, these products are not only expensive, but, may contain several chemicals which can cause harm to the beard hair as well as the skin. Also, you'll have to try various different products before you find the one best suited for your skin. This is why we have found the best homemade DIY recipe for you to create an all natural beard oil that’ll do wonders for your beard. This amazing DIY is easy, fun and also very effective.

Ingredients -

  1. Unrefined Coconut Oil - 20ml
  2. Sweet Almond Oil - 10ml
  3. 2 Vitamin E capsules
  4. 5 drops rosemary essential oil
  5. 3 drops lavender essential oil
  6. 2 drops peppermint essential oil

How to make beard oil

Take 2 Vitamin E capsules. Pierce and add the contents into a bowl. Now, add the oils to the Vitamin E oil. Here, we’ve used homemade unrefined coconut oil and sweet almond oil. Then, add the essential oils into the mixture and mix well. Pour this solution in into a dark bottle and keep it away from sunlight. Always mix more matches for best results, don’t use any artificial fragrances and use only 100% pure and organic oils to create your product.

How to apply beard oil

Here are the 4 steps to guide you through your beard oil application process -
  1. Pour a very small amount of beard oil onto your palm or snag a dollop of balm with your fingertip.
  2. Spread it on both palms and between your fingers. (just like you would do with a hair gel)
  3. Apply it evenly throughout your beard and massage is onto your skin. Don’t forget the second part of this step. This is because the beard hair is only as healthy as the skin it grows out from.
  4. Now, brush or comb your beard hair for achieving proper volume and a well maintained look. This step also helps in distributing the oil perfectly throughout the beard.

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