Taking care of your beard - products to use

Taking care of your beard - products to use

Keeping a beard is trendy nowadays leaving behind the good old days of clean shaven look. However, it is not just about growing a beard but managing it and taking proper care of it that matters most.

So here are some essential products that you might want to use if you are looking forward to a clean, healthy and attractive beard.

1. Beard Shampoo and Conditioners - Since the hair of your beard are thicker, it is advised to use a shampoo that is specifically made for cleaning the beard. these shampoos will wash out your hair effectively and also protect the skin. simply wash your beard with lukewarm water and rinse away. furthermore, beard conditioner helps to keep the beard softer, smoother, and manageable. apply it after washing your hair and rinse.

2. Beard Cream - After shower, let your beard hair naturally dry and apply beard cream all over your beard and skin underneath it. It will keep both the hair and skin moisturised, prevent it from itching, dandruff, and split ends.

Beard Oil with Real Oud oil3. Beard Oil - This goes straight to the hair follicles and cures dry, brittle, and itchy skin. hydration around this area is specially needed in cold, windy environments as this weather leads to natural lack of moisture. The oil does not leave any oily residue and leaves the beard shining and smelling great. At Satthwa, we use Almond, Jojoba & Grapeseed oil in our beard oil and for fragrance we use 100% pure Oud essential oil. The fragrance is so awesome that it will get you a lot of complements. Click here to know more about our beard oil.

4. Beard Balm / Wax - It is used to style and hold your beard and moustache at a place. it also keeps the facial hair soft and gives it a healthy shine and great scent.

5. Beard Serum - It is one of the important steps to give your beard a healthy look and seal the moisture all day long by keeping the frizz at bay and adding a soft, shinier appearance to it. After washing and drying your hair, take 3-5 drops of serum and massage into desired areas for 20-30 seconds. It can be applied twice in a day.

All these products are easily available and can help you attain a healthy, manageable, and attractive beard. 


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