5 things you are doing wrong when applying hair oil

Oiling hair the wrong way

Here are 5 very important things which you could be doing wrong while applying hair oil. Let us show you what you need to do.

1. Not applying hair oil on scalp - Hair oil is supposed to be applied on scalp and not just the hair.

2. Applying on dirty / oily scalp - You need to make sure your scalp is clean, before applying your scalp.. this ensures that when you massage the hair oil, the dust does not damage the skin.

3. Not massaging while applying hair oil - You need to gently massage the scalp when you apply hair oil, do not vigorously rub the oil into the scalp.

4. Applying too much hair oil - Only apply as much is needed to cover the scalp, if the hair oil is dripping, you have applied too much.

5. Finally, applying hair oil everyday - Applying hair oil everyday on scalp is a not a good idea as this closes the pores and oil attracts too much dust if you step out with it. If you need to apply to make your hair look shiny, then rub 2-3 drops of oil on your hands and then apply on hair only.

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