Introduction - Tending to your tresses, the indispensable guide

Taking care of your hair

The hair care industry comprises of five types of products which are, shampoo, conditioner, hair oil, hair styling products and hair colour. In addition, the rise in male grooming products play a major role in the booming market growth. The global hair care market is worth a whopping US$75 billion, and is one of the most important factors in the personal care sector. Looking your best is extremely favoured in many areas of your life, such as employment, general perception and in expressing your inner beauty that radiates confidence, a sense of pride and admiration to all that notice you and who all you come in personal contact with.

As hair is perhaps the first thing on would notice about you, women are considered more beautiful when they adorn a well maintained shiny head of natural hair and men are desired more when they have a healthy growth of naturally beautiful hair. That is why, proper hair care if extremely important, which means just knowing what you hear on the telly or from rumour is not enough, properly tending to your tresses is a crucial act and there is a trick to mastering the art of it.

Some of us find it extremely difficult to maintain proper management of hair care as it seems quite a tedious task. We usually follow quite an unnecessary illogical and obvious routine of a wash hair, dry hair and brush hair, if scalp seems dry oil hair and when affected with dandruff use anti-dandruff shampoo’s and then off we go tackling our daily hurdles of life. What could be simpler to understand and follow.

However, what many don’t realise is that you all need to individually cater to your particular hair needs depending primarily on your hair and scalp types. Most woman who have understood the precise way of maintain their tresses, have first educated themselves on the basic norms behind proper hair care. Everyone profess their own version to what is suitable, accepted and effective, so how does one believe the accuracy of these routines and the results they claim to have? From theory to experience, one must take a more in-depth approach to grasp what works best for them.

This guide will have 4 parts to it and we will be linking each part here.

Part 1 Myths Vs. Facts

Part 2 Oiling, all you need to know

Part 3 How to shampoo your hair

Part 4 Hair Colouring, how hazardous are they

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