Anti-dandruff shampoos, and the threat they possess

Anti-dandruff shampoos and the problems

 The Conglomeratic illusion 

The estimated value of the global shampoo industry is said to reach 25.73$ billion by 2019. Divided into the three predominant categories of shampoos, which are cosmetic, herbal and anti-dandruff, the market for more organic and herbal products, have been on an alarming rise due to the increase in toxins that pollute them which slowly poisons us.

The brands you are familiar with profess on how their products aren’t breaking any guidelines in terms of harmful chemicals, but what they don’t want you to know is that these very conspicuous chemicals are present and can and will harm you in the long run. The illusion that you succumb to is the fact that they endorse immediate results and the effectiveness of them unlike any other product.

So naturally we fall prey to their gimmicks and why won’t we, we all want the quick and easy way out without realising how damaging these toxins are for our bodies. According to A C Nielsen, a global information, data and measurement company, estimated that the Indian shampoo industry at INR 14 billion and is growing at the rate of 20% per annum, out of which the Anti-dandruff category grows at 10-20% per annum making it the fastest growing segment. Fact remains, to these conglomerates we are just numbers, a slight dip in the sales due to lack of trust in their products and you’d be bamboozled into another illusion they’d create with everything you want to hear, see and experience.

The one’s that wise up to their pranks, opt for a much logical explanation to trusting their own individual choices. A more organic and natural approach has emerged a new market for products that one can rely upon without much confusion.

The market production for anti-dandruff shampoos from well-known brands have since been diverted as per consumer demand as they attempt to take on a more organic approach to their products. However upcoming herbal and organic brands have since entered the competition making the consumer sit up and notice realise and the difference between them.

Realising their follies now allows them to contemplate to what truly solves their hair woes naturally and safely. Going to the extreme on choosing a chemical laden shampoo for many now seems as the last resort, as the consumer has wised up and would prefer to tackle the issue by grasping a more purer and healthier approach. This works simply by first knowing and understanding the facts behind what’s not good for you. In layman’s terms means, always never forget to read between the fine lines.

Read, Educate and Liberate

Read up on what you would normally disregard to be important. Many of us are attracted by the labels once we see our beloved brand and what we fail to do is to read between the fine lines of the ingredients that are polluting them. Being aware of what allergies, you are susceptible to helps. Which would propel you to instantly read the basic composition of any shampoo that you might decide on buying.

Educating yourself by identifying what chemical ails you is the key to knowing how pure are the products you grow accustomed to trusting blindly. Excessive use of Ketaconazole, the bases of every anti dandruff is the most sinister of them all. Knowing to what extent is permissible for treating oneself with this dubious chemical in imperative. Dermatologist believe temporary use of this would help in controlling dandruff and would never recommend anyone to exceed the required dose as prescribed.

Conglomerates however sing a very different tune, they assuredly promote how the chemical is within limits and should be made a mandatory commodity in tackling dandruff. Sadly, fact remains, what you are lead to believe about them is and never was the complete truth.

Liberate yourself from the illusion that’s been created by the gimmicky advertising that at some point does begin to absolve your better sense to prevail. Neglecting oneself to knowing the difference from what’s real and what’s not quite undoubtedly provokes our bodies and mind to react in a most undesirable outcome. We ourselves refuse to comprehend the obvious gibberish that clouds up our self-defined world, which we all whole heartedly endeavour to purify each and every moment. Learn to respect and honour your body by protecting it from all that attempts to destroy the sacred sanctity of it.

Happy Healing Ya’ll !!!

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