how to take care of coloured hair

how to take care of coloured hair

Life is too short to have boring hair so why not try colouring your hair? However, though many women love the idea of getting their hair coloured, most of them step back, fearing the consequences and damage it might later cause. But yes with proper knowledge, right hair products and careful handling you can flaunt your gorgeous coloured hair look.

So if you have thought about colouring your hair, you must come across the idea of bleaching your hair. now there is a lot genuine concern regarding this as to what is right way of doing it and what might be the consequences. First of all, it is very important to bleach your hair under careful supervision of a professional as if done incorrectly it can cause serious damage.

Now, bleach is basically an oxidising agent which removes the colour from your hair and turns it almost white or pale yellow ( the colour of your hair keratin). thus it is impossible to attain a lighter shade of colour if you do not bleach it first. most commonly used bleaching agents are hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, most often mixed together. these chemicals can lead your hair become dry, brittle and prone to damage. also. the more number of times you bleach your hair, the more intensified the damage is. therefore, it is necessary to take care of your hair both before and after bleaching it.

Bleached hair is weaker and vulnerable to snapping and moisture loss, so avoid overheating and excessive blow drying. to detangle your hair in such cases, gently work out your tangles starting from the ends and moving to the roots. and below are some essential before and after hair care tips which are must to follow.

Pre Colouring Care:

Oiling your hair before colouring is an essential step as it helps to seal the moisture and forms a protective layer over your hair. So step up your oiling at least 2 months before you plan on colouring your hair. If you need to bleach your hair to get the colour you want, apply cold pressed Coconut oil / Jojoba oil to your hair the night before you bleach it.

Also, oiling your coloured hair 2-3 times a week helps maintain the quality of hair. take 2 tbsp of jojoba oil and warm it in a boiler. Now work it down to the tips of your hair and leave it overnight. Next morning wash with lukewarm water using sulphate free shampoo (recommended Satthwa’s Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo).

Furthermore, hydration and conditioning treatments will help deal with moisture loss and breakage. You can also try natural hair masks using aloe vera gel, yogurt, honey, olive oil, bananas, vitamin-e oil and coconut milk. Once such effective and easy DIY is shown below.

Jojoba Oil and Honey Hair Mask

- Take a tablespoon of Jojoba oil in a bowl

- Add a teaspoon of honey and mix it well

- Use this mixture on your scalp and length of your roots

- Leave it for an hour and wash with lukewarm water.

- For best results, use Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo

- You can do this twice a week.

Definitely, coloured hair is the new and most trendy looks but getting your hair colour is not sufficient. Both pre and post care is important to maintain the quality of your hair and to ensure that you do not compromise the health of your hair in the process.

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