What your itchy scalp is trying to tell you!

What your itchy scalp is trying to tell you!

Can you name that one constant companion that refuses to leave your side no matter what? Yeah, that’s a good thing but certainly quite awful when it’s your dandruff and you are hopelessly trying to get rid of it. But I’m pretty sure that your search for a reliable remedy ends here.

What is dandruff?

Dandruff is a very common skin condition wherein the scalp of your hair starts to shed white/grey flakes of skin. It can be sticky at times and can be the reason of constant itch and irritation. It might be followed by a tingly feeling on the skin and can be quite stubborn to treat.


Dandruff approximately affects 50-60% of the adult population and can be seen in both men and women. This condition can worsen during winters. Sometimes extra skin starts to shed from your scalp upon your shoulders and be visible which may not look quite appealing.


It is an external skin condition that is although harmless but can be difficult to handle. Mostly the causes are unknown but one of the plausible theories is that it might occur due to hormonal imbalance as the condition in its severe state is seen mainly after after puberty. Also, low hair maintenance, fungal infections and stress are believed to trigger dandruff or worsen the symptoms. However, you are most likely to have dandruff if your scalp is dry.


1. Our Anti dandruff hair oil has the power 3 simple, yet very powerful ingredients. Coconut oil (fractionated coconut oil), this coconut oil will always remain liquid even in winter and helps moisturise the scalp. It also acts like a carrier oil for Lemon oil and tea tree oil which are anti fungal and anti bacterial and fight dandruff. This all natural formula does not contain any chemicals and parabens.

2. Enriched with argan oil, jojoba oil, almond oil and infused with tea tree oil, lemon oil and aloe vera, our Anti dandruff shampoo helps fight dandruff on the next level. This shampoo does not contain SLS and parabens and is gentle on the scalp and tough on dandruff.

Here are some features of both our anti dandruff hair oil and anti dandruff shampoo.

- Affordable SLS / Paraben

- No irritation to the scalp or damage to hair

- Suitable to all hair types

- Recommended for both men and women


Needless to say, skin and hair are a reflection of how healthy your body and mind are. Our wide range of essential oils can help you get rid of stress, ultimately leaving you with a happy healthy mood. Thus, using the right hair products, less stress and keeping yourself steer clear of chemicals can be just perfect for the health of your hair.

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