How bhringraj extracts are useful for your hair

Bhringraj extracts oil herbal natural ayurveda

I think it would be safe to assume that most of us have spent countless Sundays applying every hair pack, supplement or serum onto our hair; in hopes of achieving those thick, luscious locks that others seem to have naturally.

While for some it does the trick, for others the process is not only futile but weighs down on the pocket as well.

Sometimes, the solution is easier and closer than we think. According to Ayurveda, it’s the simplest trick in the book — oiling your hair.

While there are many herbs that could be used, its one amongst them all that’s being recognised for working like a charm, namely — Bhringraj. [Check out Satthwa's Argan Oil Conditioner; infused with bhringraj extracts]

Bhringraj is a species of plant, belonging to the sunflower family. Its oil has been found to have multiple benefits, including promoting effective hair growth.

It rejuvenates the hair and also slows down the greying process. So clear out your serums and bring in the leaves, because here are 4 reasons why desi is the new fancy.

1. Prevents Hair fall

hairfall prevent stop damage

Bhringraj oil helps foster hair follicles and can act as a supplement for any deficients present; thereby preventing hair fall. The oil is also known for its cooling properties and can reduce stress thus halting stress induced hair loss.

2. Ceases Premature Greying 

stops grey hair

As opposed to dyeing your hair with harmful chemicals, applying bhringraj oil combined with either amla oil or indigo, can help prevent premature greying.

3. Treats Dandruff and Dry Scalps 

ways to stop dandruff

 Bhringraj oil is dense in nature; making it easier for the oil to penetrate the scalp and ultimately treating it for dryness and dandruff. It is beneficial to use the oil warm for getting rid of dandruff.

4. Prevents Scalp Itchiness 

Itchy scalp

Pollution, humidity and general lack of hygiene are leading causes of itchiness in the scalp.

The easiest solution for the same would be shampooing your hair at regular intervals but using Bhringraj oil can accelerate the process. This is because the oil works as an anti-inflammatory agent — consequently reducing itchiness.

Bhringraj extracted oils are on top of being cheap also organic in nature and are not harmful when compared to store bought products; hence consider switching today for healthier and more lustrous locks. 

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