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Diwali hairstyles look party

October seems to be a celebratory month across the globe, while the west looks forward to Thanksgiving and Halloween, India brings out the fireworks and ladoos for Diwali.

The couple of weeks leading up to the festival are jam packed with shopping and visiting multiple relatives; thus making it a little difficult for most to plan out every detail of your look for the big night.

If you have managed to find yourself an outfit you love but are confused about what to do with your locks, fret not! Here we have 4 simple yet stunning looks that can help you get picture ready this festive season.

Look 1

Low bun earrings diwali hairstyle deepika padukone

This hairstyle is quick, classy and keeps your hair out of your face as you light those diyas.

Part your hair in the centre and gather them into a low bun towards the nape of your neck and voila! This look is also quite helpful if you wish to show off your big statement earrings.

Look 2 

Messy side braid fishtail

For some braids might be reminiscent of your school days, but this side swept messy braid is chic and takes up your outfit by a notch.

Part your hair in the middle and loosely gather your hair towards your side of preference and start braiding; remember it doesn’t have to be perfect as we are vying for that effortless look.

Tie it when satisfied and pull out a few strands to frame your face better. You can be as creative as you want, it can be either a simple braid or something fancy like a fishtail.

Look 3

Poof hairstyle diwali hairstyle

The half up puff is one look that never seems to go out of style. Just create a simple puff on top of your head and pin it from the back; you can get creative here and use traditional pins and brooches that match your outfit.

Let the rest of your hair fall to the side and if you wish, you can curl some of those sections for that extra oomph!

Look 4

Side swept hair curls diwali hairsrtyle

This last look is for those who wish to flaunt their voluminous locks without tying them up. Sweep all your hair to your preferred side and let them fall over your shoulder.

If you think they look too limp, bring out your curler and loosely curl those strands. Add a little hairspray, and you’re and maybe a nice brooch/clip and you’re done!

So there you have it, 4 elegant yet super easy looks to not only glam up your Diwali look but any upcoming bash you might have to attend! Do try these styles as they are guaranteed to make you stand out amongst all those lights! 

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