How constipation results in grey hair: 5 Easy Steps to control it.

Constipation Results in Grey Hair

Your grey hair and your gut function could be closely linked, and the latter might be causing the former. A person suffering from premature greying must verify how constipation results in grey hair. While greying hair is a result of old age and is common among people over the age of 35, younger kids or teenagers having their hair turned grey is an obvious point of concern. Premature greying could be a result of a latent bodily issue among young people, ranging from - Genetics, auto Immune diseases, side effects of medicines, physical or mental stress or even thyroid disorders. Another culprit we would like to join this list is - Constipation.

During teenage, the body is bound to change each day. The hormonal changes that bring about these changes, can sometimes cause an imbalance and result in depleted digestive function, and on the skin, it shows up as acne, and on the hair, it shows up as premature greying.  Here is a light reading on premature hair loss

How to detect Grey Hair resulting from Organ Imbalances? 

The location of the grey hair on your scalp indicates exactly which part or organ of your body is malfunctioning. 

If you see a set of white hair on the top of your scalp, then it is probably a symptom of poor kidney function. Poor kidney function could be a result of exhausted or underperforming kidneys. Kidneys are responsible for collecting the wastes from our bloodstream and sending back filtered nutrients back to the blood. The imbalance in kidney function cannot only increase the number of toxins in your body but can also stress your hormones and result in greying hair.

If you see greying hair along your hairline, near the temples, then that is a sign of imbalances in the liver. The liver is responsible for breaking down toxic substances like alcohol and drugs that enter the bloodstream. When the liver is exhausted with this function, the hair around the temples starts to turn grey. Along with that, there have been enough studies to prove the direct relationship between excessive smoking, drinking and the premature greying of hair.

The hair in the centre and front of the hairline turning grey is usually a sign of some  gastrointestinal problem or unfulfilled digestion meaning constipation. That is where you can confirm that your constipation results in grey hair.

Poor digestion shows how constipation results in grey hair

Constipation occurs as a direct result of an irritated and congested gut microbiome, occurring due to a fibre-deficient diet. Resultantly, the digestive tract is unable to let go of the stool. This could result because of a nutrient deficiency or chronic inflammation of the digestive tract.

Thus when we treat Grey hair it is necessary to look verify if constipation results in grey hair or not, to rule out whether or not constipation results in grey hair.

Nutrients necessary to prevent premature greying are vitamins B-2, B-6, and B-12. These are well present in foods like chickpeas, mushrooms, potatoes, cashew nuts (not deep-fried or salted), chickpeas, and almonds. Web MD writes how lack of Vitamin B-12 can lead to grey hair. 

What Foods are necessary to treat premature grey hair? 

Look for foods with Vitamin B 12 like - meat, fish, milk, cheese, eggs etc.

Try foods rich in selenium - Brazil nuts, cashews, sunflower seeds, meat, whole eggs, seafood, spinach, lentils. 

Stress on the digestive tract can turn the hair grey and this could occur at any age. Thus, it is necessary to have a regular and free-flowing bowel movement that you can control because often constipation results in grey hair. 

No Brainer Steps to Control Grey Hair and Constipation

1. Eat foods rich in vitamins B, E, Selenium and Copper.

2. Seeds and Nuts will be a great addition of Fibre.

3. Try having a bowel movement at a regular time each day.

4. Oil your hair every week. Satthwa’s Kalika Hair Oil is targeted to darken grey hair. Control your stress levels.

Satthwa Kalika Hair Oil for Premature Hair Greying

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