Satthwa’s Kalika Hair Oil: all queries answered

Satthwa Kalika Hair Oil

We see you have been curious about Satthwa's Kalika Hair Oil and have been wondering how it works. This article will be a comprehensive guide to Kalika Hair oil, its ingredients, how to use it, what can you expect from it, and more. Keep on reading to make the best of Satthwa’s Kalika Hair Oil.

Table of contents - 

  1. Ayurveda
  2. Premature and mature greying
  3. Ingredients and formulation
  4. How does it work? 
  5. Who can use it?
  6. Diet and Lifestyle Maintenance
  7. What to expect after some months.
  8. What Customers say.
  9. Customer Results 


Ayurveda’s philosophy for Grey Hair- 

Ayurveda says that the reason for greying hair in person is 'pitta prakruti'. This means that people with excessive heat directed to the scalp suffer with grey hair. So, according to Ayurveda, people who consume spicy foods, high-salt foods or sour dishes, are more prone to have greying hair. 

Resultantly, Ayurveda’s philosophy for treating grey hair is to cool the scalp and use massage therapy to bring down the heat underneath the scalp. How does Kalika Help? With its Ayurvedic ingredients, it brings back pigment to your scalp and allows the hair follicle to begin its growth phase. 

Science dictates that after checking for auto-immune diseases and pattern baldness, greying hair is a result of genetics, imbalance in hormones, irregular sleep and diet and excessive heat styling. 

Satthwa’s Kalika Hair oil takes all these perspectives in mind and uses its ayurvedic ingredients to enhance greying hair while understanding the science of what is happening inside the body. 

Premature and Mature Greying 

Hair gains pigment from melanin. Melanin is naturally produced in the body and gives our hair and skin the colour they have. When hair begins turning grey, it is due to the loss of melanin form hair strands. The cause of that melanin loss can stem from multiple reasons.  People who live in tropical countries usually have more melanin in their skin to shield them against sun damage, thus resulting in darker, more pigmented skin. 

Stress levels are also scientifically proven to result in hair greying among younger people. Not only does your hair turn grey, but you might also permanently lose pigment-producing stem cells underneath the follicles which can result in permanent damage for a preventable condition. 

Ingredients and formulation

Formulated with ingredients like Bhringraj, Ridge Gourd Oil, Shikakai, Hibiscus and more, this is a true Ayurvedic blend that employs various ingredients to work in unison to turn greying hair to their natural darker shade. 

Bhringraj oil helps in maintaining the natural colour of your hair. They are rich in vitamin E, vitamin D, Magnesium, Calcium and iron that allow the proper nutrient direction to the scalp and hair follicles. 

Ridge Gourd, traditionally known as Torai, has plenty of dietary fibres, considerable water content, and is multivitamin-rich. Loaded with Vitamins A, C, Iron, magnesium and vitamin B6, this ingredient brings a cooling effect to the site of application, and thus, when it is used as a cooking oil, it also improves heart health. 

The flavonoids and carotenoids present in Torai heal various microbial imbalances like dandruff, fungal growth, and bald patches in the scalp. The powerful anti-oxidant activity of this ingredient brings about inflammatory relief in the scalp. 

Shikakai is another essential ingredient in Satthwa’s Kalika Hair Oil. Rich in Vitamins A, D, C, E and K, this makes the hair silky and lustrous with continued application. It enhances and restores the hair’s glossy hair texture and prevents hair from turning brittle and thin. 

Along with that, Mendhi leaf, Babchi, and more of our hand-picked ingredients help in making your hair healthier, silkier, and darker. Our Kalika hair oil is the solution to greying and dull hair. It is chemical-free and healthier for the hair.

Satthwa Kalika Hair Oil for Darker Hair

How Does It Work ?

Hair turns grey because of loss of melanin in the scalp. Melanin is the chemical that gives the hair its pigment. It can grow deficient because of an ample of reasons like stress, poor dietary habits, lifestyle choices etc. 

Kalika Hair Oil works from the root to the tip of the hair and encourages melanin production. The cooling effect from Ridge gourd decreases tension in the scalp and the Bhringraj extract in the formulation allows the hair to be coated in a darker shade. 

The anti-oxidant nature of the ingredients soothes inflammation in the scalp which was a result of free radical damage. Once the inflammation calms down, the ingredients can penetrate better in the scalp and allow the hair follicles to get back on track to produce melanin regularly. 

Who Can Use It? 

This Ayurvedic Blend is safe to be used by everyone. Children over the age of 12 can use it. Men and Women in adulthood and even in their late 40s or later, can use this oil safely for combatting greying hair. 

Diet and Lifestyle Maintenance

A good intake of Vitamins A, B, C and E can bring about the necessary nutrients for your body to continue producing a healthy amount of melanin for skin and hair health. Proper diet and lifestyle choices will propel you to avoid premature greying, and general melanin loss in old age, even if you have a genetic history of hair greying in your family. 

What all do you need to eat? 

  • Green leafy vegetables: The obvious fibrous choice for hair health and long-term benefits will always be green leafy vegetables. They bring in an abundance of all the vitamins that are necessary for melanin production in the long run, like vitamins A, B, C, and E. 
  • Lentils: Lentils are none other than the Daals you so frequently eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A Vitamin B9 source, they infuse protein in your diet which produces healthy amino acids, strengthening the keratin production in the skin and the hair. Adequate keratin production promotes a stronger cell turnover rate which is necessary for revealing darker hair on the scalp. 
  • Dairy Products: From the ones that you can tolerate, dairy products are necessary to ingest proteins like vitamin B 12, calcium and protein. 

Along with these dietary changes, an active lifestyle where your dopamine and serotonin levels are within range and not abused by the evils of excessive social media, will help your body reset its hormonal balance. Meditation, proper sleep and mindfulness have been scientifically proven to keep wary body functions at bay and strengthen the mind and the body to take at external stress. 

Reverse Greying Hair with Kalika Hair Oil

What to expect from using Kalika Hair Oil? 

While Satthwa’s Kalika Hair Oil is not to be used as a hair dye, it does add pigment or the hair and stimulates melanin production in the hair. 

Kalika hair oil has to be used consistently for 3-4 months for seeing actual results. Of course, the results will vary according to each person. 

What Customers say.

A plethora of customers have given us a plethora of reviews and each details how effective Satthwa's Kalika Hair Oil has been. 

Here's what they say. 


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Customer Results 


We hope we addressed most, if not all, of your queries regarding Satthwa's Kalika Hair Oil. Get your hands on Satthwa's Kalika Hair Oil here. 

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