How much hair fall is normal? 50, 100 or more?

how much hair fall is normal

Imagine washing your hair and smoothing down your strands only to find a cluster of hair on the floor. This can be a bit scary. Feels like a nightmare? It is difficult to know how much hair fall is normal. 

How much hair fall is normal? 

As per the American Academy of Dermatology Association (AAD), shedding 50-100 strands per day is perfectly normal. It is because when you wash your hair, only the loose ones get drained out. There are some strands that get detached from your scalp. Those come out easily. 

Are you losing more hair than these? Then this is a serious problem. And you should not ignore it. There are various reasons for extreme hair fall. Let us learn about them in the next section. 

1. Stress 

Excessive hair fall can happen as a direct consequence of too much stress. It can also lead to premature greying of hair. Any kind of stress whether emotional or physiological can have an impact on the growth of hair follicles.  

2. Hereditary hair loss

Hereditary hair loss runs in the blood. If you have your dad or any other family member with the problem of hair loss, chances are you may also face hair loss. 

3. Too much styling 

Using too much heat styling, colouring, bleaching, and using chemical products can lead to product buildup and weaken the follicles. Even tight hairstyles like a ponytail can cause hair to lose. 

4. Unhealthy lifestyle 

An unhealthy diet leads to the nutritional deficiency that influences hair growth. You may suffer deficiencies in iron, folate, Vitamin B12, biotin, Vitamin E, and more. 

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