Hair gummies vs biotin supplements: Which is healthy?

Hair gummies vs biotin supplements

Hair gummies? Sweet, tasty, and healthy. Are they really? And can they compete with biotin supplements? Hair gummies vs biotin supplements. Let’s find out more. 

What are hair gummies? 

Hair gummies are chewable gummies that are a mix of vitamins and minerals. They are designed exactly like jelly beans or candies. Even their texture and taste are similar to theirs. Tagged as an alternative source of multivitamins, they are made in a variety of flavours and shapes. 

Hair gummies offer various benefits such as voluminous hair, good metabolism, stronger nails, and glowing skin. It mainly works on improving the density of hair and preventing them from being damaged.

What are biotin supplements?

Biotin is making a buzz in the health and beauty world. Also called as Vitamin H, it is specifically beneficial for your skin, hair, eyes, and nervous system. It is naturally available in various food items such as beef, eggs, meat, seeds, and vegetables like sweet potatoes.  

Just like other vitamins, deficiencies can occur. So biotin supplement makes up for the loss of biotin in the body. It offers more or less the similar benefits that gummies provide. 

Hair gummies vs biotin supplements

In the debate of hair gummies vs biotin supplements, let’s understand both things in detail. 

1. Gummies come in a variety of flavours such as apple cider, lemon, cherry, and more. They are delightful in taste because they are made up of ingredients like sugar, isomalt, and other sweeteners. They are also attractive to look at as they are infused with artificial fillers or food dyes. 

On the other hand, biotin supplements come in either pills or capsules. They are made of the correct quantity and combination of different vitamins and minerals. One thing about biotin supplements is that it tastes like a regular capsule. Hence, no added sugar and addictive fillers.

2. Gummies have fewer nutrients than a regular capsule. Their absorption rate to the body is also less. It means the body absorbs fewer vitamins from the gummies. Whereas biotin supplements get easily absorbed into the body. 

3. Hair gummies vs biotin supplements are never ending. But gummies may have certain side effects. Since many gummies are composed of sugar alternatives such as sugar alcohols. They may cause gastrointestinal problems and can lead to bloating. Regular supplements have comparatively no side effects.

In case of any allergies, talk to your doctor beforehand. It goes without saying that anything in excess is harmful to one's health. And gummies and supplements are no exception. Only take the suggested amount and do not overdose. 

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