How to reverse hair greying, naturally!

How to reverse hair greying, naturally!

Premature hair greying is a common problem faced by many people these days, mostly youngsters. The cause may vary from being genetically passes on in the family or due to other reasons. Our lifestyle and our diet can be a great contributing factor to it as well. 

Maintaining a certain lifestyle and diet can be a big commitment. So the easier way to get rid of this problem can be to treat it with natural remedies and ingredients. The following 5 ingredients can help turn your grey hair black naturally.

  1. Ridge gourd

Ridge gourd consists of such enzymes that help restoring our natural hair pigment by strengthening melanin. Melanin is responsible for giving hair its natural pigment. One of the known methods to reverse hair greying is by making ridge gourd oil. All you need to do is get dry up ridge gourd and mix it with coconut oil on high flame. Massage this hot oil on your scalp to revere hair greying and get healthier hair.

  1. Bhringraj

Bhringraj is the most effective ingredient in Indian Ayurveda for almost all problems concerned with hair. It turns our hair back black and also assists with hair growth, hair strengthening and controlling dandruff. Bhringraj helps maintaining our natural hair colour. The leaves obtained from bhringraj plant are used to make natural hair dyes. If you mix it with amla and massage it on your scalp, it will improve your blood circulation as well. This will result in hair growth and root strengthening.

  1. Tulsi & Amla 

As discussed earlier, grey hair can be caused due to the deficiency of vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 contributes in the DNA production. When it is caused due to genetic factor, in that case consumption of tulsi and amla can be proved very beneficial. Amla is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants which helps with reversing hair greying. They add volume and improve the health of hair. One simple hack is to soak both Tulsi and Amla powder and wash your hair with that water for best results.

Now that we are talking of hair care how can we miss out on Shikakai?

  1. Shikhaki

The moisture retaining capacity of shikakhai is very low and it acts as a dry sponge for hair. Now this is an advantage because shikakai improves the moisture retaining capacity of our follicles. This will ensure that the hair colour won’t fade away over the period of time and the soft texture is maintained.

  1. Hibiscus flower

Ideally Hibiscus flower is used as a hair dye but it also helps turning grey hair black since the antioxidants and vitamins present it helps with melanin production and melanin is responsible for the naturally occurring pigment that gives your hair its natural colour. 

If you need a long term solution to treat your premature grey hair then what’s better than Ayurvedic hair oil. We can cure grey hair naturally with the help of Satthwa Ayurveda Kalika hair oil. You can use this hair oil along with using natural dyes like indigo powder until you get satisfying results. Kalika is filled with the goodness of all these ingredients along with many more like neem, mulethi, castor oil , coconut oil, Kala ti ka tel, babchi etc. 

Kalika hair oil is 100% Ayurvedic. All its ingredients are 100% natural and are known to reverse hair greying reverse. Kalika hair oil solves the problem after curing its very cause. This hair oil will not only treat grey hair problems, it also helps with treating other hair related issues like hair fall, dandruff and split ends. Apart from treating all these problems, it makes your hair stronger, shinier and lustrous. 

Application of Kalika hair oil is pretty simple. You take a few drops of oil in your palm and apply it on your scalp and hair at night or two hour before you wash your hair.  We recommend you to use it 2-3 times in a week for 2-3 months minimum and wash it with Satthwa argan oil shampoo to see the best result.

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