Natural DHT blockers to combat hair loss

Natural DHT blockers to combat hair loss

If you've been struggling with hair loss and hair thinning then you must've come across the term DHT. Here is everything you need to know about it, how it effects hair fall and natural ways of gaining DHT blockers.

What is DHT?

Androgenic Alopecia, patterned baldness or hair loss can have various reasons for it. Most common reason for it often goes unnoticed. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is an androgen in the body, which is a sex hormone and controls the development of male characteristic features like body hair, male reproductive parts and more. DHT also maintains muscle mass and promotes sexual health and fertility.

Approximately 10% of testosterone produced by the body is converted into DHT with the help of 5-Alpha reductase (5-AR). It is an enzyme that resides in the oil gland of our hair follicles. Once DHT gains free flow, it can get attached to receptors in our scalp. This will lead to hair follicles shrinking and eventually causing hair fall and baldness. Hair loss due to DHT is not exclusive to just men. DHT and hair loss in women is also a common issue. It is important to fight these issue at the right time.

How does DHT effect hair fall?

A single strand of hair lives for approximately 2 to 6 years. Upon completing its life cycle, it falls out and after a resting period of 2-3 months, the same follicle produces a new hair. But DHT interferes in this process by shrinking the follicles and increasing the resting period. Gradually, new hair growth stops. It is a long process and takes years to complete.

How does a DHT blocker work?

DHT blockers are used to prevent hair fall caused due to DHT. They prevent DHT from binding with 5-AR receptors, thus slowing its production in the body. This helps in keeping the hair follicles healthy and the process of normal hair growth ongoing. In some cases it can even preserve original hair follicles.

How to know if your hair fall is due to DHT?

To prevent DHT from taking away your Barnet, it is important to know if your hair fall is actually caused by it.

Your body might have high levels of DHT if you experience -

• Increased acne production

• Receding hairline

• Hair loss and thinning at the temples and crown.

What are some of the natural DHT blocker food?

There are Certain DHT blocker food that Naturally block DHT and prevent hair fall. • Green Tea Full of nutrients, Green Tea is rich in epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). It blunts the DHT receptors and protects hair follicles. This way, they promote hair growth and fight hair loss. It is among the best natural DHT blocker.

• Food rich in Zinc - Zinc inhibits 5-alpha reductase and thus prevents DHT formation. Foods rich in zinc can be consumed as a natural way of blocking DHT. DHT blocker food rich in zinc are - Kale Spinach White mushroom

• Food rich in Lycopene Lycopene inhibits DHT production and prevents hair follicles from shrinking. DHT blocker food rich in Lycopene are - Tomato Mango Grapefruit Beetroot Banana

• Food rich in Lysine Lysine helps in inhibiting DHT production and controls sensitivity of the scalp. DHT blocker food rich in Lysine are - Coffee Flax seeds Boiled egg Soybeans Green and black tea

• Pumpkin seeds inhibit DHT production by blocking 5-AR enzyme. A study also showed positive results supporting this claim. Pumpkin seeds are one of the best natural DHT blocker and can be directly eaten as a snack or it's oil can be extracted for use.

• Edamame beans are usually consumed as snacks and are an effective 5-AR inhibitor. It blocks DHT and promotes healthy hair growth.

• Turmeric is rich in an active compound called curcumin. Curcumin is known to lower DHT levels by blocking 5-AR.

What are DHT blocker oil and supplements?

Applying DHT blocker oil directly on the scalp or consuming supplements can help in blocking 5-AR and inhibiting DHT from shrinking follicles and causing hair loss. DHT blocker oil and supplements are -

• Rosemary Oil works by reducing DHT levels in the body by blocking 5-AR enzyme. It also helps in faster regrowth of hair.

• Lavender oil increases hair follicle count which helps in generation of new hair. It is known for being affective in maintaining the health of the scalp and hair follicles.

• Coconut oil contains high levels of Lauric Acid which is known for its DHT blocking properties. It also promotes healthy regrowth of hair and nourished scalp.

• Stinging Nettle is known as an effective DHT blocker. It has been used to combat hair loss since ages and has always shown positive results.

• Saw palmetto plant works by blocking 5-AR and inhibits DHT from causing hair fall.

• Minoxidil is a topical agent that stimulates hair growth by increasing the blood flow to the follicles. It reduces the resting period and promotes healthy hair growth.

• Finasteride is an oral prescription tablet that is known for blocking DHT and stops hair fall. It even helps in regrowth lost hair.

So, if you're experiencing hair loss, hair thinning, or a receding hairline then try these natural DHT Blocker to combat them. In case of supplements, it is better to take doctor's recommendation.

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