4 Important questions to ask before buying skincare products 

questions to ask before buying skincare products 

Have you ever paid big amounts for a product and wondered “Why isn’t this working?.” There’s a chance you are applying the wrong ones to your skin. Here are important questions to ask before buying skincare products.

Q1. How well do you know your skin type? 

Understanding your skin type will help you to buy products. Try a bare face test to know your skin type. 

Begin by washing your face with a gentle cleanser or face wash. Pat it dry with a towel. After half an hour, examine your skin.

Normal skin: No signs of redness or dryness. 

Oily skin: Face looks greasy. 

Dry skin: Skin feels flaky and dry.

Sensitive skin: Skin becomes red or inflamed.

Combination skin: T-zone (the nose & forehead) looks shiny but the rest of the face is dry.

Q2. Are the ingredients safe? 

Those fancy products placed in shining bottles may dupe you with their filler ingredients. Make sure you read the label carefully and check the ingredients list. As they have to go deep into the skin. Also, see if the products have anything that your skin is allergic to. 

Products come with both active and inactive ingredients. Inactive ingredients usually make the products smell and feel good. While active ingredients are designed to provide the benefits that are written on their packaging. Make sure the products contain the active components such as vitamin C & E, etc that are actually required by the skin to heal. 

Q3. Which ingredients should you avoid? 

Ingredients in any product are the core to getting the perfect skin regimen. Following are certain ingredients to avoid so as not to get any allergies, irritation, and inflammation. 

Parabens: Artificial preservatives that keep the product’s components free from bacteria. Studies have shown that parabens can enter our skin and cause allergies and cancer (extreme conditions). 

Sulfates: Cleaning agents usually found in shampoo and body wash. They can make skin or scalp dry, brittle, and itchy. 

Fragrance: A combination of chemicals that adds a nice fragrance to the products. They can result in skin allergies and irritation.

Go for organic and Ayurvedic products that are free from these chemicals. 

Q4. What does the review tell? 

Always read the reviews before buying any product. Do not get swayed by the false reviews of influencers and bloggers. Check on the product’s websites or any other shopping website. Customer reviews will give you a full insight into whether it is useful or not. Make a wise decision. 

Next time, ask these essential questions before buying any skincare product. 

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