7 Skincare tips for teenagers by Shahnaz Husain.

skincare tips for teenagers

Teenagers alert! Break up with acne and breakouts with the help of these skincare tips for teenagers by Shahnaz Husain. 

Teenage is a time when our skin gets the most affected by hormonal and physical changes. It impacts the oil glands, resulting in oily skin. Excessive build-up of oil within the skin leads to acne and clogged pores. Smooth, clear skin is not an overnight process. It should start from your early (teenage) days. As your body starts to change considerably. Following certain skincare tips for teenagers can keep their skin in its best health and stop so many conditions. 

You just need the right products and a few tips to take care of your skin. Here are some skincare tips for teenagers by Shahnaz Husain. Read below. 

Skincare tips for teenagers

1. Use a gentle cleanser 

Cleansing is the mantra for adolescent skin. As the pores should be kept free from oil accumulation. Use a gentle face wash that does not dry out your skin. Clean your face two times a day. Strictly avoid soaps and hard cleansers. The best ingredients to include in your face wash are peach, mulberry, jojoba, and vitamins. These will not only make the skin glow but also remove all impurities. 

2. Exfoliate weekly 

Exfoliating removes dead skin cells from the skin and discourages blackheads. It is recommended to exfoliate once a week to brighten the skin and remove excess oil from the pores. Always massage in a circular or upward motion to avoid skin sagging. Do not massage harshly. 

3. Moisturize daily 

It’s a myth that you can not apply moisturizers in summers or on oily skin. Oily skin can still be water-deficient and summer heat can dehydrate your skin. It becomes essential to keep it hydrated during the summer. You can apply lightweight, oil-free body milk if you have oily skin. 

4. Do not forget your lips

Just like your skin, your lips are important too. Do not forget them in your skincare regimen. Apply a lip balm at night. Humidity can make them appear chapped. Rub a drop of castor oil on your lips daily. It locks in moisture and nourishes them with vitamins.


5. Keep your hands off your skin

We sometimes have the habit of touching our faces frequently. This can spread dirt, oil, and bacteria that can turn to acne and more. Even picking your pimples can develop infections and inflammation. 

6. Drink water & boost glow 

Hydration is a crucial part of maintaining skin health. Drinking enough water maintains the elasticity of your skin and holds it better. It keeps the gut in check which reflects on our overall skin health. 

7. Eat your water

This bizarre saying goes out for watery fruits and vegetables. They help in detoxifying and maintaining body fluids. These include cucumbers, watermelon, celery, papaya, and more. 

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