Skincare do's and don'ts

skin care routine do's and don'ts

Over the years we’ve all managed to come up with a specific skin care routine and while it works for the most part, at times we fail to realise those tiny mistakes that might be tearing down the routines efficiency and effectiveness.

Keep reading to find out what you might be doing wrong and reinforce what you might be doing right. Here are 6 Do’s and Don’ts to help you streamline things.


1.Do a double cleanse

Double cleanse skin

To make sure that you’re getting rid of all the dirt and oil, double cleanse your face; specially if you wear makeup.

First clean with a preferred foam cleanser and then use an oil based cleanser to get in there. Simply put, it uses good oils to remove the bad oils that are trapped in your skin.

2. Do use SPF 

Whether you’re going out for just a stroll or for a full day of work, make sure to put on your sunscreen on your face, necks and other exposed areas.

It will not only prevent you from getting sunburnt but will also make sure that the sun's harmful UV rays don’t damage your skin.

3. Do match products to your skin type 

skin type skin colour

This requires you to take on some research in a two part process. First, figure out your skin type — understand what its properties are and its needs as well.

Next, figure what products compliment your skin type; while making your purchase make sure to read the ingredients and buy only if it suits your skin.


1.Don't over exfoliate 


Exfoliation is an important step as it helps prepare your skin for proper absorption of the products you will apply next, but it should be noted that performing the same in excess can dry out your skin and lead to irritation.

2. Don't use multiple products

multiple products

The more you experiment with different products, the more chances are that it will cause irritation to your skin. Test out a few products and stick to them if they work well for you.

Keep the routine simple as its not only significantly easier to perform but also makes sure that your skin is not taking in too many substances.

3. Don’t over moisturise 


Using too much moisturiser can prove to be harmful as it can clog your pores and ultimately lead to acne — which isn’t exactly what you’re aiming for.

In summers use a light cream after you bathe and in winters use a heavier cream, once or maximum twice a day.

Keep these simple tips in mind and you’ll be heading down a future of happy and healthy skin!

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