Top winter skincare tips

Winter skincare tips hydration moisturisation

We’re finally approaching the colder months, so hello cozy sweaters and goodbye sweat induced pimples! But this also means its time for a revision in your skincare routine, as the cold can wreak havoc on your skin.

The dry and harsh winds cause blotchiness and suck out the moisture from your pores, consequently leading to peeling and dryness.

If you haven’t had a chance to move things around, fret not, here we have 5 tips to help you keep your skin happy during the cold.

1. Switch to a heavier moisturiser 

Moisturise cream skin winter

Go out and get yourself a richer moisturiser that incorporates fatty acids and ceramides, which will stop the moisture from escaping and maintain the skin's natural protective barrier.

Apply it to specifically your knees, elbows and face — as these tend to dry out easily. Dermatologists recommend moisturising a minimum of twice a day.

2. Exfoliate less 


While exfoliating is necessary to aid the creams and serums in penetrating the skin better, doing it in excess will further dry out the skin (which compromises the natural barrier) and cause patchiness.

3. Don't forget your SPF 

Suncreen winter sun rays

While the sun is admittedly less visible in the winter hues, it does not mean the sun has disappeared. 

The UV rays still reach us and still cause as much harm as they do in the summer. Therefore its vital to apply sunscreen all over your face, arms and other exposed parts.

4. Use a humidifier 

Humidifier winter skin pores

We keep coming back to the same point, I.e. your skin needs hydration. Another way of providing it with the same is by using a humidifier at night while sleeping.

Use them specifically if you make use of heaters and other heating appliances, as it will compensate for the lost moisture.

5. Plump those lips

Lip balm soft lips winter chapstick

Our lips are very vulnerable to chapping and tearing, precisely why topping them off with a nice lip balm is essential.

Something like vaseline would prove to be effective and inexpensive. For those who use makeup, try and avoid long lasting or matte products as they tend to cause dryness.

So there you go, 5 tips essential to rework into your winter skincare routine. Listen to your skin as the calendar moves on and it’ll thank you for ages to come!

Don’t forget to leave comments sharing your own personal tips and tricks to help your skin combat the cold.

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