The best anti-ageing serum in India!

Best anti ageing serum in India

What is a serum?

A light weight, non oily liquid that gets quickly assimilated into the skin is called a serum. It is rich with high concentration of active ingredients. A serum has small particles and molecules which help in penetrating deeper and quicker into the skin. This helps the serum in directly aiming at the concerned skin problem and repairing the damage faster. A serum provides nourishment to the skin while fighting various skin issues like premature ageing and acne.

How to use a serum?

A serum is usually applied right after cleansing your face. To get the best out of your anti ageing serum and to secure better skin hydration, use a toner right before applying it. Since, serum is highly concentrated, a little will do enough. Applying just enough to cover your entire face will work fine. Since moisturisers create a layer on top of the skin, applying some right after the serum will help in locking the moisture in place.

Difference between serum and oil?

Face oils are usually extracts of one or more plants. They keep the skin moisturised while fulfilling its need of nourishment. The main aim of facial oils is to provide hydration to the skin. They have larger molecules in comparison to serum and can only penetrate the surface skin and lock the moisture within. They have various other benefits for our body. A serum goes deep into the skin while an oil penetrates only upto the epidermis of the skin. So, where a serum repairs damage from within, an oil locks moisture and works on the skin damage from the surface.

What should you look for in an anti ageing serum?

A face serum suits all skin types including sensitive skin. To get effective results, it is important to choose the right one. Ingredients of a serum decide how effective it will be. If you're looking for an anti ageing serum in India then various products with retinol are available in the market but it has several side effects that people may face like skin irritation, dryness, peeling, redness, itching and increased sensitivity. It is better to choose a plant based natural alternative to retinol which is Bakuchiol. It works as good as retinol but without any side effects. A good anti ageing serum should also contain vitamin E and C, Amla fruit oil, Lavender flower oil, carrot tissue oil, Ashwagandha root extract and more.

Which is the best anti ageing serum in India?

Keeping this in mind, Satthwa has developed Satvak Bakuchiol Serum. It is the best anti ageing serum in India that is a brew of all natural ingredients. Satthwa Satvak Bakuchiol Serum in India is a specifically crafted face serum that has all the natural ingredients. Being wonderfully affective, it targets majority of the skin problems, improves skin texture, fights acne and protects the skin against external damage by sun and pollution. It fights the signs of ageing and provides a youthful glow. It makes your skin look younger while providing the right nourishment and locking the hydration.

What makes Satthwa Satvak Bakuchiol serum in India stand out amongst others?

Bakuchiol  is extracted from the seeds and leaves of Babchi plant. It works fine for all skin types including sensitive. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles, provides firmness and nourishment to the skin and has fantastic anti ageing properties. This ingredient makes Satvak Bakuchiol Serum the best anti ageing serum in India.

Vitamin C lightens dark patches and acne marks. Helps in reducing wrinkles and fine lines and has anti ageing properties. It also boosts collagen production in the skin.

Vitamin E It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps with soothing the skin. It makes the skin look younger and nourished.

Ashwagandha root extract Rejuvenates the skin and provides moisture. It also fights acne breakout and helps in gaining clear skin.

Licorice root extract Lightens the skin and prevents premature ageing. It also works as an anti-inflammatory agent and even protects against sun's UV rays. It removes dark spots and treats hyperpigmentation and provides an even skin Tone.

Geranium flower oil reduces acne breakout, skin infection and skin irritation.

Sandalwood oil Provides nourishment to the skin and improves elasticity. It helps in improving the skin complexion and removes dark spots and tanning.

Lavender flower oil It fights acne and soothes dry skin. It detoxifies the skin and helps prevent wrinkles.

Carrot tissue oil It helps with sun damaged skin restoration and promotes Healthy, blemish free skin.

Raspberry seed oil replenishes collagen in the skin and fights inflammation. It encourages skin regeneration.

Amla fruit oil tightens pores and has a firming effect while improving the over all skin quality. It also has anti ageing properties . Promotes healthy skin and removes dead skin.

Turmeric root oil provides an acne free, clear skin and prevents breakouts. Eliminates signs of ageing and provides a natural glow.

An anti ageing serum in India that actually makes you look younger, with all the right ingredients and zero side effects? Satthwa Satvak Bakuchiol Face Serum if your answer.

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