7 Surprising beauty hacks of Castor oil 

hacks of castor oil

Castor oil is a multitasker beauty star. It is one of the most used beauty ingredients in amping up our skin and hair routine for so many years. Well, there are more to it. Do you know that castor oil can keep your lashes longer? And your chapped lips hydrated? Scroll down below to know these amazing oil hacks that you can include in your daily beauty routine. 

Castor oil is a natural cure for hair and skin. It is derived from castor beans. The oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It is rich in Omega-6, Omega-9, Ricinoleic acid, and Vitamin E. All of these ingredients are beneficial for your body.

Modern-day beauty remedies use cold-pressed castor oil. In the cold-pressed method, the seeds are crushed naturally and no heat and chemicals are required. It is considered to be the purest form of oil. Here are some beauty hacks that you can enjoy with castor oil. 

Beauty hacks of castor oil:

1. For dry lips

Castor oil is infused with fatty acid rich omegas and vitamins that can retain chapped lips. Simply add a drop onto your lips in the morning or at night. And massage it. 

You can also make a DIY lip balm. Mix 3 tsp of coconut oil and 3 tsp of castor oil in a pan, heat them on low flame. Put the mixture in an empty lipstick tube and refrigerate it overnight. Swipe it on daily for smooth and hydrated lips.

2. For thicker brows

Have you noticed any tiny gaps through your eyebrows? Or do you have thin eyebrows? Brow pencils and products can work beautifully to bridge the gaps or make your brows look thicker. But it is a temporary pleasure. Now is the time for regrowth. Castor oil can help in this wonderfully. 

Just take a couple of drops of the oil on your fingers. And lay out on your eyebrows. Massage it daily at night to enhance your eyebrows. 

3. For acne 

Don’t be scared to use castor oil on your acne. It can naturally fight pimples as the oil is packed with ricinoleic acid. The acid combats bacteria that cause breakout. This antimicrobial nature of the oil makes it an excellent remedy for breakouts. 

Leave a few drops of oil on your problem area overnight. It easily penetrates into the skin. 

4. For longer lashes 

If you are looking for actual eyelash growth, you are at the right place. The oil works in the same way for lashes as it does for brows. 

Begin by cleaning your eyes and lashes. Add a few drops of the oil to a cotton bud and glaze your lashes with it. Follow this every night, for fuller and longer lashes. 

5. For exfoliating skin

Not many people know that castor oil mixed with certain natural ingredients can remove dead skin cells and restores shine. 

For DIY body scrub, you need only two ingredients. One is the oil and the other is any gentle exfoliating substance like sugar or coffee. Just blend the required amount of sugar of coffee with 3 tbsp. of castor oil. Apply it to a damp body and rinse it after 10-15 minutes. Do this once a week to effectively exfoliate the skin. 

castor oil beauty benefits

6. For nail strengthening 

Castor oil is charged with Vitamin E that helps to strengthen the cuticles (clear skin layer located at the base of your nail). The cuticles protect the nails from bacteria and aid in their growth.

Just apply a few drops of the oil to your cuticles. It will nourish and hydrate your nails and save them from any fungal infections.

7. For cracked heels 

Cracked heels are painful. We relatively give more importance to our face and other parts that we tend to ignore our feet. Castor oil can make them soft and supple. 

Massage castor oil all over your heels. Do this before sleeping so that the oil can absorb into the skin well and moisture the dry areas.