4 Reasons why you should stop plucking grey hair

stop plucking grey hair

Plucking grey hair is the worst habit you can have. It leads to some ugly problems down the road. Here are some reasons why you should stop plucking grey hair immediately. 

Reaching for your tweezers whenever you see a grey strand in the mirror? Many choose to remove it rather than holding in place or dying it. Plucking, no doubt, is a quick and effortless way to get rid of your grey hair. But it can damage your hair texture and put pressure on your roots.

Why does hair become grey? 

Greying and aging are inevitable. It happens when melanin in our follicles slowly becomes weaker. The colour of our hair is decided by the amount of melanin pigment present in them. The presence of eumelanin gives black or brown hair. Pheomelanin makes hair red. And so on. When there are fewer pigment cells, then the strands lose their colour and turn grey or white.

For premature greying, the process works the same. But there are a lot of other reasons contributing to it. 

1. Hereditary: If premature greying runs in the family, then you are most likely to pick it up. 

2. Vitamin deficiency: Vitamin B12 and vitamin D supports various hair functions. Lack of their proper amount in our bodies can make you lose melanin. 

3. Stress: Tension and stress can impact not only your hair but also your physical health. 

4. Smoking: Bad habits like smoking can hasten the aging process and it lowers the supply of oxygen to hair follicles. 

Why should you stop plucking grey hair ?

People have the misconception that plucking grey hair can lead to a bush of white hair. When one hair follicle lacks melanin, it does not spread into ten. So plucking and tweezing have no impact on your grey strands. However, there are other disadvantages. 

1. Traction Alopecia 

Plucking hair can damage your roots and lead to permanent hair loss. The condition is called Traction Alopecia. When you extract hair, it can put so much pressure on your roots. Those pulled out follicles may fail to grow back again. 

2. Damages hair texture 

Every time you pluck your hair, you are at risk of ruining its texture. The fresh growth can become thin and coarse. 

3. Trichotillomania 

It is a condition that involves recurrent urges to pull out your hair. Repeatedly plucking your strands from the same area can harm the scalp. It can cause scarring, hair loss, and inflammation. 

4. Pustule 

Frequent pulling out follicles can lead to the creation of pustules. A pustule is basically a big pimple called pus. It is full of yellow fluid that can promote bacteria build-up. 

How to reverse grey hair? 

If even a small slight of grey hair is disturbing you, then follow a safe and tested method to reverse them. Now that you know that tweezing has no impact on your grey ones. Don’t be too excited. Plucking is not a permanent remedy as the grey hair can come back. Here’s an eternal fix to your greying worries: Kalika hair oil.

Kalika hair oil is infused with so many hair nourishing ingredients such as ridge gourd, bhringraj, mulethi, black sesame oil, tulsi, amla and many more. They all help reverse the grey hair by restoring melanin pigment in our hair follicles. They even treat the brittle roots and strengthen them. 

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