5 Steps to achieve healthy hair with hair oils

Regular care helps to achieve healthy hair with hair oils

Hair oils grew a reputation as being messy and tacky under the colonial regime. Earlier, many opted to achieve healthy hair with hair oils. They depended on age-old remedies like onion hair oil, castor oil, coconut oil, etc., that work holistically to rejuvenate, revive and restore hair health and remain relevant in curing crippling hair loss.

Although hair oiling is an everyday practice among South Asians, it is challenging to incorporate daily hair oiling and massaging into our routines. In today's day and age, everyone navigates a schedule where work takes precedence over personal well-being. Several external factors like dry air, pollution and hormonal changes tamper with the porosity of the hair, and delayed nourishment leads to unmanageable, frizzy hair.

However, with some hair oil do's and don'ts, various Ayurvedic hair oils can be incorporated into our weekly hair care and wellness routines. 

Table of Contents 

1. The Do's 
2. The Dont's
3. Which oil works to achieve healthy hair with hair oils ?

The Do's

Massage Gently

Place the hands in an L-shape and move the fingers around in a circular motion. Instead of increasing pressure and entangling hair strands, a slower hand movement will allow increased blood flow to the scalp, improving the massage's efficacy and relaxing them. Increased pressure can break the hair follicles and inhibit the growth of new hair.

Apply Hair Oil on a Clean Scalp

After bathing and cleaning your scalp, all fungal and bacterial growth from the scalp is removed. This will allow for oils to penetrate more smoother. Oil on a dirty scalp can irritate the skin, leading to inflammation and bald patches.

Apply one to three palmfuls:

Although hair length determines the amount of hair oil used, it is advised to use one to three palmfuls in one session.

Application on the scalp is recommended, however, if you want to coat each strand in oil, then remember it will take the same amount of shampoo to take it all out. This could lead to dryness and hence, be counterproductive. A little goes a long way to achieve healthy hair with hair oils.

hair oils for scalp health

The Dont's

Hair oiling needs to be done in moderation, and like everything great, this practice also has its exceptions.

Avoid heavy oiling if you have dandruff and acne-prone skin.

Adding oil to a dandruff-prone scalp or acne-prone skin can further aggravate the problem, leading to an irritated skin. Apply the oil to just the end of your strands if you suffer from problem skin or dandruff, or you can even apply aloe vera gel. You may also shorten the duration of the oil application to 30 minutes.

Do not apply hair oil for longer than three hours.

An average of three hours is enough oil to penetrate the scalp without slogging the hair follicles and pores of your skin. It is perfectly advisable to rinse off the hair oil after three hours. To achieve healthy hair with hair oils, the key is to not overdo it and guide your routine with patience.

What to buy to achieve healthy hair with hair oils?

Hairfall problems and hair conditions can stay unsolved if one only treats the symptoms. A holistic treatment of hair issues is ensured by ayurvedic ingredients and regular care.

Physical activity and a spiritual reset also work wonders in rearranging hormonal patterns to promote hair health. Check out the various yoga poses to practice for hair fall.

If you want to see visible hair growth and results, go for Satthwa’s Premium Hair Oil. The oil is a harmonious blend of nine essential Ayurvedic oils, necessary for healthy hair.

Satthwa Premium Hair Oil

Our Premium Hair oil consists of grapeseed oil, extra virgin olive oil, amla, and castor oil and delays skin ageing and stimulates hair growth.

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