5 hair care myths you need to stop believing

5 hair care myths

Who does not desire beautiful and attractive hair? For this, people resort to all kind of grandmother’s prescriptions to multiple hair treatments. Even after adopting all these methods, have you ever given a thought to why you are not getting desired results? Because we follow many hair tips that are just myths. There is no truth in them.

Read below 5 hair care myths that we have busted in this article.

1. The more you cut your hair, the faster it grows.

hair care myth

Cutting your hair will refresh your hairdo and get rid of the split-ends but it will never help in growing hair faster. Why? Hair grows from the roots, not the ends. The average speed of hair growth is about half-inches per month. So if you cut your hair every month, the hair length will remain the same or may even become shorter. Also, contrary to popular belief, shaving your head doesn’t affect hair density since the number of hair follicles is a genetic trait.

2. Brushing hair 100 times a day helps maintain hair health.

hair care myth

Honestly, who has time for this? Overly frequent combing distributes the skin oil along with the hair and it gets dirty much faster. Combing doesn’t help the hair health and can even do much harm by causing split ends and breakage. Therefore, it is better to comb or brush your hair only when necessary. In this case, only a small amount of oil will be distributed along with the hair which will help it look shiny but not dirty.

3. Plucking one grey hair causes two more to grow in its place.

hair care myth

Really? Let’s apply logic here. This belief means grey hairs possess evil powers because the same thing never happens to healthy hair! Otherwise, there would be only one recommendation to grow more hairs- TEAR THEM OUT! But it doesn’t work this way. Since the quantity of hair for each person doesn’t depend either on care or proper nutrition, multiple hairs cannot grow instead of one. However, do not tear out grey hair because you cannot damage the follicles or cause ingrown hair.

4. Split ends can be repaired.

hair care myth

Having its origin from TV commercials, this belief is just not true. You can close split ends for a while with the help of special hair masks and oils but you cannot repair it permanently. To get rid of them, you need to trim your ends from time to time.

5. Natural hair drying is better than a blow dryer.

hair care myth

If you have short hair and it dries in a few minutes then probably you don’t need a blow-dry. However, if your hair is long, it is on the contrary to belief preferable to blow dry. Why? Water molecules penetrate the hair structure and literally wash out keratin making them dry and brittle.

If you have any other hair care myths on your mind then don’t forget to share them with us. Also, let us know about your take on this article in the comment section below.

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