Yoga for hair fall: Try these 5 asanas

Yoga for hair fall

Living in today’s world means facing pollution, dirt, stress, and more challenges. And all these affect our entire body including our hair. And no one really wants unhealthy locks. Look at these yoga for hair fall to help your hair and body. 

The ancient practice of yoga has various health benefits. Such as it maintains inner peace and health both spiritually and physically. It also stimulates blood flow and promotes various body functions. 

Little do you know that yoga is also beneficial for your hair. Since it improves blood circulation to the scalp, it allows hair follicles to grow and thrive. And if you are tired of using so many products to control hair loss. In fact, split-ends, hair thinning, dandruff, etc. Then you need to try these yoga for hair fall. 

1. Inversion method 

Scary as it may look but the inversion method is by far the best yoga for hair fall. Inverting your head stimulates blood flow to your head. This rush to the scalp ensures hair follicles get all the essential nutrients and oxygen. As a result, your tresses will grow longer. And it will automatically reduce hair loss. 

You can try a variety of inversion head exercises- headstand, forearm stand, handstand, etc. Whatever feels comfortable for you. 

2. Balasana 

Balasana, also known as a child’s pose, works well for hair, stress, and digestion. It is commonly recommended for better sleep as it releases stress and tension. However, the daily practice has a positive impact on hair growth as well. 

For balasana, sit on the mat and fold your legs touching your hips with your knees on the mat. Bend down your body so that your forehead touches the floor. Even stretch your arms forward. 

3. Breathing exercises 

Breathing exercises in yoga are so relaxing and effective. Most common exercises include kapalabhati, pranayama, etc. When our body inhales and exhales, it sends more oxygen to different parts. It can restore cell growth and aids in hair health. It also clears away toxins from the body and reduces free radical damage. 

4. Downward Dog Pose 

Downward dog pose ( Adho Mukha Svanasana) is among the 12 poses of Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation. This one particular routine has a plethora of physical benefits like it calms the body down, helps in weight loss, improves sleep, and whatnot. 

For healthy hair growth, we focus on this one asana called the downward dog. Stand straight and then slowly reach for the ground with your hands. Lengthen your tailbone and stretch your heels towards the floor. Keep your hands between your arms.

5. Ustrasana 

Ustrasana or the camel pose is excellent yoga for hair fall. However, it takes time to master. It’s a great exercise for your back. The pose even increases flexibility, betters lung capacity, and improves posture. It even facilitates hair growth by improving blood circulation to the scalp. 

Sit on your knees on the yoga mat and bend backwards. Try to touch your feet with your hands. Chin up and look back. 

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