6 Ways to stop hair fall in monsoon

hair fall in monsoon

Aren’t rains beautiful and melodious? We all have our memories of rain. Mostly good. But they do come with a fair set of challenges. For instance, you may experience severe hair fall in monsoon. 

Rainy days are bliss. The cool breeze soothes hot days. Everyone is enjoying a lush, fresh feeling. However, while relishing the drops, do not forget how it impacts your hair. In monsoons, the atmosphere becomes humid, allowing follicles to retain large amounts of moisture present in the air. This makes them rough and brittle. The scalp gets oily too quickly. Monsoon also weakens the follicles, increasing the chances of breakage, thinning, and sometimes fungal infections. 

If you are already facing these issues, then we got you covered. Here’s how you can stop hair fall in monsoon. 

1. Wash your hair with sulfate & paraben shampoo

Humidity leads to an oily, sweaty, and itchy scalp. It may cause dandruff and flakiness too. Also, rain water contains a lot of pollutants that irritate in the head. It is advisable to use a mild shampoo without sulfate and paraben involved. Use Argan Oil Shampoo that is infused with avocado oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, and neem extract. 

2. Oiling is essential 

Keeping the roots nourished is very important to avoid breakage. This one good habit can restore moisture in damp, dry hair. Oil your hair at least once a week. Try Satthwa’s Premium Hair oil that is packed with natural oils- coconut oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, etc. Massage the roots and leave them overnight. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo the next day. 


3. Use a microfiber towel 

People usually use a blow dryer to dry their hair after shampooing. You should not use it daily because applying heat damages hair and causes breakage, especially in monsoon. Instead, use a microfiber towel to absorb the excess water from the locks. Microfiber is specifically created to get rid of heat or other rituals like rubbing and wringing. 

4. No harsh combing

Remember to be tender on your knots. Combing too harshly causes hair to fall in all seasons. You can use a wide-tooth comb to detangle locks. 

5. Protect your head from the rain 

Rainwater can cause dryness and roughness. Whenever you go out in the rain, make sure to cover your head with an umbrella, raincoat or scarf. 

6. Dry rainwater from hair 

If you accidentally get wet in the rain, the first thing when you reach home is to properly dry your locks as the rainwater is dirty and may cause infections.  

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