Hair care tips this monsoon

monsoon hair care tips

If you are a hopeless romantic then you must be a great fan of the monsoon season. It puts a smile on your lips and song in your heart. But probably you hate monsoon too, because - frizzy, dry, boring hair!!

Worry not! We are going to give you a few very important tips on how you should take care of your hair during monsoon.

Say NO to wet hair

This is the basic hair care tip for monsoon. Avoid getting your hair wet in the rain. Always use an umbrella or a raincoat. Keep your scalp dry all the time because due to moisture and humidity, your scalp is prone to fungal and bacterial infections.

However, if your hair gets wet, immediately wash your hair thoroughly with a sulfate and paraben free mild shampoo. Always make sure to dry your hair after wash.

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Say YES to conditioner

Moisture retention is super important during the monsoon season. The weather is humid and using the right amount of conditioner on your locks helps them to fight frizz and dryness. You can also use a wide tooth comb to spread the conditioner evenly on your hair strands. Always rinse with cold water to get that extra shine!

Talcum Powder

This is a simple little hack that can be used as a dry shampoo – Especially during the monsoon, when your hair tends to get dampened and you are really feeling heavy on the head, a little bit of talcum powder can get a long way.

So just dust it a little bit, rub it on your hair and just see how all of that moisture and oiliness get absorbed and you’re gonna have like, super-shampooed hair!


One of the things that can actually help you get the moisture and life back to your hair is champi!!

Yes!! You guys must already know the importance of hair oiling. The secret ingredient for the best hair oil massage is – Castor oil. If you mix it with warm organic coconut oil and 2-3 drops of sweet almond oil, it can do wonders for your hair. Sweet almond oil is extremely rich in Vitamin E, helps in hair growth, takes care of that extra frizz and gives your hair a glossy look.

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Hold back on styling products!!

Your hair products are slowly damaging your scalp while making you look good. Cut back on any useless hair product this monsoon, trust us, your hair as well as your wallet, both will be thanking you!

However, if by any chance, you need to style your hair using any hot iron tools, always use a heat protectant. No matter what temperature you are using, this prevents your hair from damage.

Argan oil

The best quality of Argan oil is that it is suitable for all hair types and contains a wealth of vitamins and minerals. It works as a great cleanser removing all the dirt and dandruff. You can also use it as a hair serum, right after you wash your hair and before blow-drying them. Your hair will be full of life and shine and frizz too will be taken care of.

Aloe vera

It is not only good for your skin but it is superbly amazing for your hair. If you are stepping out of the house and it’s raining, what you can do is, just take a little bit of aloe vera gel on your palms, rub it and apply all over your hair. Don’t use any harsh heating tools, let it dry naturally. It holds on to your hair and tames the frizz.

It also acts as a great conditioner. You can use it as a hair mask too by applying the gel all over your hair from scalp to the tips, leaving overnight and washing the next day with a mild shampoo. It prevents breakage and rejuvenates the hair with its own nutrients.

A healthy diet

At times, hair loss is the result of a poor diet too. Hence, it is very important to have a good diet which is filled with vitamin E, vitamin C, and proteins because hair is made up of proteins. Other necessary nutrients to be included in your diet are omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, zinc and biotin.

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Also make sure to eat a lot of green leafy vegetables, eggs, soybeans, meat, and all other important food items to promote hair growth and get healthy hair.

So we hope all of these tips help you guys take care of your hair this monsoon season. If you have any questions or suggestions, put them down below in the comment section.

Wish you guys happy hair days!!

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