Healthy hair care routine to adopt right now!

Hair care routine

Hair care is a very important routine for both men and women. Nobody likes to step out in dry, frizzy and unhealthy hair. Simply washing regularly does not necessarily mean you have done it right. You should also try different methods of grooming and make sure you are using the right hair products.

Taking care of your hair is as important as your body. While you tend to cover other body parts, hair left uncovered is subjected to a lot of pollution and dirt.

Lately, we went out to the streets of Sarojini Nagar, where people opened up about crazy stories related to their hair and also talked about the problems with it.

Bold but bizarre

Today’s youth is open to experimenting. They prefer to be up-to-date with trends. From shaved to spiked hair, from highlights to global, from long hair to short hair, they have tried everything and have no regrets at all.

This sounds great until you know how to take proper care of your hair. Long hair comes with responsibility. You have to adopt a routine and work daily to maintain them.

“Short hair, don’t care” - Absolutely not!!

If you have short hair, you need to take care of them by using the right products as the negligence can lead to dull and dry hair.

When to wash?

Few of them also talked about how often they wash their hair. Some do it on weekends, while others every alternate day.

However, washing your hair too often leads to dryness and damage. It is best if you wash them three days a week in summers and, during winters twice a week is enough (if necessary). Winter winds make your hair and scalp dry. Hence, it is important to wash them with lukewarm water to avoid frizz and retain moisture.

Not only women, but it is also advised for even men, to wash their hair only thrice a week with shampoo.


We also got to know about different DIY methods for healthy hair in this video. People are more inclined towards using natural ingredients like curd etc., for healthy hair. Good going!!

What nature can do with your hair, nothing else can do. The secret to healthy and lustrous hair cannot be completely found in a product.

You can apply a paste of lemon and curd, once a week for silky smooth frizz-free hair. Add more shine to your hair by washing your hair with green tea or coffee to add extra shine to your beautiful strands.

Herbal products

Pollution already damages your hair and stops the growth. Chemical loaded products add more to this damage. Hence, it is advisable to check the label before buying any hair product.

It is even better if you use herbal products with natural ingredients. They are sulfate-free and have negligible chemical quantity.

A healthy diet

Tired of using a variety of hair products, still not getting desired results?

Watch out what you eat. It is so important to have a healthy and balanced diet. Eat a healthy diet full of vitamins, proteins, and other nutrients. Also, stay hydrated. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water. It really works for your hair. Also, it adds an extra glow to your face.

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