How to find your hair type?

How to find your hair type

Here is an easy guide on how to find your hair type. Hair type is basically your hair’s curl pattern or shape of your strands. There are other factors that also determine hair kind such as 

Elasticity (high, medium & low)

Greasiness (oily, dry, combination of two) 

Hair diameter (thin, medium, thick) 

The hair curl pattern is decided by hair follicles. The slope of follicles and the way they grow characterize the curl pattern. Based on the curl pattern, there are four basic hair types:

1. Straight

2. Wavy

3. Curly

4. Coily 

How to find your hair type? 

How to find your hair type

Type 1: Straight hair

Straight fair remains straight from roots to tips. They have literally no or slight curve. However, they may be thin or thick, coarse or fine. That is a different thing. 

Type 2: Wavy hair

They look almost straight from the roots. They are not curly. They are somewhere in the middle. You can notice loose, undefined waves at the lower ends. 

Type 3: Curly hair

Usually, curly hair looks like an S shape wave. They have a higher density than the above two.

Type 4: Coily hair 

Coiled or kinky is often identified by the Z pattern. They appear hard but are fragile and more prone to breakage. They have the highest volume. 

Here are some different hair types. Depending on it, you can use different products to keep your locks healthy and bouncy. One thing is sure no matter the type, you should always use sulfate and paraben-free natural hair products. 

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