Why do you have grey hair at young age?

grey hair at young age

Grey hair warns you that getting older is bliss. But not to all. Grey hair at young age? As alarming as it may sound, here are some possible explanations for it. Grey hair at young age is becoming a common sight these days.

Why does your hair turn grey? 

Grey hair first appears when you are above 30. But for premature greys, it can happen in teens or young years. Greying of strands begins when your hair follicles stop making melanin- the pigment that provides the hair with its color. In return, they turn grey or white. Melanin decline is caused due to gradual waning in the number of stem cells that produce melanin. These cells become damaged or lose their capacity to keep working and making melanin. There are a few reasons for grey hair at young age. Let’s discuss them.

Reasons for grey hair at young age

1. Genetics 

The major cause of premature greying is genetics. Studies say that a gene called IRF 4 is responsible for controlling the production and storage of melanin. Hair color is influenced by the presence of this gene. If your parents have grey hair, it is likely you may also have grey hair. 

2. Nutritional deficiency 

There is no denying the fact that the food we eat has an impact on our body including our hair. The deficiency of some hair-friendly vitamins and minerals can also lead to greying. Various nutrients help boost the metabolic process that gives hair its colour.

Most common nutrients that our hair requires: 

Vitamin B-6: Increases the blood flow to the hair follicles and allows them to thrive naturally. 

Vitamin B-9: Helps in pigmentation and controls hair greying/whitening. 

Vitamin B-12: Promotes hair growth and helps maintain the natural hair colour. 

Zinc: Repairs damaged locks and strengthen roots. 

Iron: Produces haemoglobin in the blood that improves oxygen supply to the cells including stem cells. 

3. Smoking 

Smoking is injurious to health, even to your hair. One study from 2013 suggests that those who smoke are two and a half times are at risk of developing grey hair at young age. 

Tobacco and nicotine present in the cigarette can form free radicals in our bodies. And these radicals can turn into oxidative stress and lower melanin levels in our hair. Another consequence is that smoking narrows the blood vessels and lessens the blood flow to follicles.

4. Chemical products

Have you ever noticed whether your shampoo contains sulfate or paraben or not? Chemical hair products can also lead to premature greying. Sulfates and parabens impact the production of melanin considerably. They are also harsh on the skin and can dry out your hair. It’s time to switch your shampoos and look for natural options. 

Treatment of grey hair at young age 

First and the foremost thing is to work on your diet. Increase the consumption of fruits such as oranges, berries, etc that contain Vitamin C. Vitamin C stalls the process of premature greying. You should take more and more foods that are rich in Vitamin B-12- eggs, meats, milk, bananas, etc. Even vitamin supplements can fill up the nutritional gap. 

With your first greys, don't panic and switch to natural and effective products. If you want a long term and permanent treatment, go for Satthwa’s Kalika hair oil. It cures grey hair naturally with the help of enriching oils such as bhringraj, ridge gourd, neem and more. 

grey hair at young age

With Kalika hair oil, we recommend you to apply Argan oil shampoo. It is sulfate and paraben free. And is made of argan oil, avocado oil, almond oil, and more nourishing oils.

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