Hair growth medicine: Benefits & side effects

Hair growth medicine: Benefits & side effects

Research says that half of males experience androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness in their lifetime. There are several hair treatments to reverse or prevent this problem. However, today we are going to talk about a hair growth medicine called minoxidil. How does it work? And is it safe to use? 

What is androgenetic alopecia? 

Androgenetic alopecia called the male and female pattern baldness is the most common type of hair loss. The medical word for hair loss is alopecia. Men usually start noticing it in their twenties while women see it in their forties or fifties. 

In the males, the hair starts to fall out above both temples and thins out into an M-shaped hairline. It can also happen at the top of the head or crown, resulting in complete baldness. In females, the falling often begins as a broadening of the middle part. 

There are several factors that contribute to baldness. One key factor is genetics. Having a family history of baldness can impact your hair follicles. Another reason is the overproduction of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), that occurs from testosterone. Men secrete more testosterone than females. That’s why you see baldness is more common among them. DHT impacts growth and lowers a hair’s life span. Stress, especially emotional stress (Telogen Effluvium), also contributes to hair loss. 

Symptoms of hair loss

Hair loss can be seen in various ways. It can occur slowly or suddenly, depending on the symptoms. 

1. Gentle thinning

Gradual thinning is the most common kind of hair loss. In men, hair often starts to lessen at the hairline on the forehead. Women see the widening of their middle part. 

2. Patchy bald spots 

Some may experience circular patches on the scalp. It is called spot baldness. The hair falls out in a coin-size circle. 

3. Sudden hair fall 

Some lose all the hair on their head. Lots of strands come out while washing or combing your hair. This affects the overall look of your head. 

Minoxidil: Hair growth medicine 

There are a variety of medical treatments available to get a fuller head of hair. Minoxidil is one of them. It is marketed as a sure shot formula to reverse male and female pattern baldness. Does it grow hair better? Or does it have any side effects? 

Minoxidil comes as a gel or foam that is topically applied to the scalp. It is considered one of the most effective over-the-counter treatments for hair regrowth. It works by stimulating more blood to the vessels. Increased blood circulation leads to hair growth. 

Our hair grows and falls in four phases. The cycle starts with anagen (growing phase), then catagen (transition phase), telegen (resting phase), and finally, exogen (shedding phase). The first three stages are about growth and in the final one the hair falls out. 

Minoxidil works in the first two stages of hair growth. In anagen phase, the hair comes out of the roots. Minoxidil supports this and expands the length of the hair. In the telogen phase, the hair is inactive and is done growing. It reduces this phase so that the hair sheds quickly only to be replaced by new and stronger hair in the anagen phase. 

The medicine is absorbed easily and begins working quickly to accelerate blood flow into the roots. And the natural growth cycle is improved. But it does come with some challenges. 

Side effects of minoxidil 

Minoxidil shoots up the blood supply that can also increase the heart rate. Those with pre-existing heart conditions are often advised not to consume it. Other side effects include:




Scalp itching


-Sudden weight gain

-Unwanted body hair

If you experience one or more symptoms, immediately consult a doctor. The question arises: What is a safer alternative? 

DHT blocker oil 

If you are looking for a more natural option, Vardhana oil is the best DHT blocker oil. It contains pumpkin seed oil, saw palmetto, neem leaves, coconut oil, rosemary oil, green tea extract, and more. All these ingredients stimulate the hair follicles to grow better. It has advanced DHT blocker ingredients that help in making hair healthy and thick. 

DHT blocker oil

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