5 makeup mistakes that could cause acne, STOP them NOW! 

5 makeup mistakes that could cause acne, STOP them NOW! 

While its a rite of passage to breakout into acne as a teenager, it can be extremely annoying when you wake up to a big fat spot on your chin at 25. For most, the first instinct would be to plop on that fancy anti-acne cream or make an appointment with your dermatologist; but if you look closely, the reason might not be far from your vanity. 

According to experts, the type of makeup you use might be the actual cause of worry. Acne caused by makeup is known as acne cosmetics, in other words certain products are filled with ingredients that can cause pore clogging and ultimately lead to breakouts. Here are 5 mistakes you might be making when it comes to using cosmetics.

Using the Wrong Foundation








 As the name suggests, foundations are the base of the whole look and is consequently applied more in amount. Thus, it would be wise to choose mineral based makeup as others contain ingredients that are inflammatory in nature — leading to acne causing bacteria to grow.

Using Unclean Brushes










Not cleaning your makeup applicators and brushes regularly causes all kinds of dirt, oil and bacteria to infest the tools, which when used to apply products can lead to breakouts. Experts suggest to clean them ideally after every use but considering that to be a little difficult, the minimum should be once a week.

Sleeping with your Makeup on










Understandably when you come home late after a long day, taking the effort to wipe off your face seems like a herculean task. But unfortunately this can impact the condition of your skin as during the day dirt and oil gets trapped underneath your skin and needs to be removed in order to prevent pimples.

Applying Expired Products











If you don’t remember when you bought a product, it's safe to say that it's time to toss it out. Every product has a shelf life and if used after expiry can prove to be disastrous for your skin, especially when it comes to liquid or cream based products. 

You’re sharing your Makeup with your Girls 

Admittedly it can be fun to get ready with your friends and in the process of that many lipsticks and palettes cross hands — this is a big no no. By using someone else’s stuff you are introducing their bacteria into your skin, which can cause irritation and ultimately end in pimples. 

So there you have it, little things you might not think much of that are causing you to blotch up. Make sure to not commit these mistakes and your skin will thank you for years to come. 

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