8 Tips for glowing skin for Karwa Chauth

Glowing skin for Karwa Chauth

Looking for glowing skin for Karwa Chauth? We have rounded up 8 useful tips. 

Karwa Chauth is an auspicious festival for married women. As they observe fasts for the longevity of their husbands. What makes it even more special is that these ladies clad in new dresses, buy bangles, and apply henna on their palms. Amidst so many preparations and shopping, they can forget about their skin. 

You can look beautiful and deserve glowing skin for Karva Chauth by following these tips: 

1. The festivities can take a major toll on your skin. To feel refreshed after hours of shopping, splash a rose water spray on your face. It is so hydrating and quick that you can use it anywhere and anytime. Simply take a small spray bottle and add rose water to it. Carry it with you all time.

2. An easy way to get glowing skin for Karwa Chauth is by cleansing it everyday. Regular washing of your face removes dirt and impurities well. Use a hydrating face wash that contains useful ingredients like mulberry, peach, and vitamins.

3. If there’s one piece of advice any dermatologist will give, it’s to use sunscreen daily. Sunscreen protects the skin from photodamage- the effect of sun rays on the skin leading to dryness, wrinkles, and saggy skin. When you are out for festivities, make sure to apply one. Use an SPF 30 or more for maximum protection. 

4. It is important to exfoliate your face a few days prior to the festival. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and excess sebum (oil) from the face. 

You can use a DIY coconut oil and sugar face scrub. Mix the two together and apply them to your face. Massage in a circular motion for a few minutes and rinse off. Since exfoliation opens the clogs. Apply a multani mitti afterwards to close them. 

Glowing skin for Karwa Chauth

5. Use coconut oil to moisturize your chapped lips. Thanks to its hydrating quality, it can even be applied on cracked heels and other dry areas. 

6. Bakuchiol is one of the popular skincare products used to reveal brighter and more even-toned skin. It removes dead skin cells and improves skin appearance. Bakuchiol is known to reverse the signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, and spots. 

7. It’s been probably said a million times that do not sleep with your makeup on. Make sure you remove the makeup at the end of the day. Since cosmetics can be harsh on your skin. You can use Jojoba oil to wipe away your face full of makeup. 

8. To get glowing skin for Karwa Chauth, do not miss out on beauty sleep. When you are sleep deprived, your skin looks dull and tired. It is scientifically proven that your body boosts more blood while you snooze. Increased blood flow means your skin will wake up fresh. 


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