How to use Jojoba oil for acne?

jojoba oil for acne

An oil for oily skin? Jojoba oil is not like your regular oils. It is actually an excellent facial oil. Among the plethora of skin benefits it offers, this oil has actual acne-fighting qualities. So jojoba oil for acne? Yes, please.

What is Jojoba oil? 

Jojoba oil is a natural ingredient derived from the seeds of the Chinensis plant. It is technically not an oil and is regarded as a wax ester. If you look closely at its composition, you will find out that jojoba oil is made up of 98 per cent pure waxes. It is also high in Vitamins B, E, copper, and zinc. 

Can Jojoba oil clog pores? 

Quite the contrary! As mentioned above, jojoba oil contains waxes that are mostly fatty acids and hydrocarbons. No oil contains this amount of wax. For this very reason, jojoba oil can help retain moisture without blocking pores. 

It belongs to the non-comedogenic category of oils. They are produced in such a way that they are not likely to clog pores and cause breakouts. Any skincare or cosmetic product that is made non comedogenic does not have ingredients that are known to block the pores. Thus Jojoba oil is especially a good choice for those who have acne and blackheads. 

Jojoba oil for acne 

Jojoba oil imitates the natural sebum (oil production) in the skin. And thus, the oil can cure acne by balancing your skin’s own oil production. Thanks to its non-comedogenic nature, jojoba oil helps retain moisture without clogging any pores. Jojoba oil is a great option for acne-prone skin. As it is anti-inflammatory and lightweight. It gels with the skin leaving no heaviness.

jojoba oil for acne

How to add Jojoba oil to your skincare routine? 

1. Take a few drops of the jojoba oil in your palm and apply it on your face. Make sure you have properly cleaned your face beforehand. Massage in a circular motion. Wipe off the excess oil. 

2. You can even mix jojoba oil into a moisturizer and then apply it to your face. 

3. Jojoba oil is also a great carrier oil. You can add a few drops of any essential oil into it and use it on your face. 

4. It can even replace your chemical-based makeup removers. Add a few drops to a cotton pad and remove your makeup easily. 

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