4 Best buys to build a skincare routine for combination skin in summer

skincare routine for combination skin in summer

Popularly seen as the time to be alive, summer is impending, and we’re sure you’ve already planned and secured your holiday plans and vacations. 

Naturally, it’s time for your skin to shine, but are you ready for prolonged sun exposure? 

Skincare is already a difficult constellation to get right, let alone finding the correct skincare routine for combination skin in summer. 

Since the days are longer, that means more sun, more heat, more sweat, and even more chances of getting your pores clogged.

So we at Satthwa, are ready to help you pick your summer skincare arsenal. 

Why you need a special summer skincare routine

Understanding your skin’s needs in summer is essential. Your bodily changes according to the season will change how your skin reacts to external heat. 

If you are more prone to internal inflammation, then it is likely that your inflammation might exacerbate or worsen in the summer. 

Your health is mainly determined by your diet and will play a key factor in your skincare routine for combination skin in summer. It is advised you increase your fibre intake and the number of anti-inflammatory foods in your diet.

This can prevent increased heat to settle in your body and cause hormonal disruptions. Acne, redness and enlarged pores can also be one of the few symptoms of such bodily inflammation resulting from seasonal changes. 

Along with that, a personalized skincare routine for summer can help you combat acne flares before they could settle and cause damage. 

All you need for a skincare routine for combination skin in summer? 

Your skin type, whether it be oily, combination or dry, doesn't need a long, 14-step skincare routine. 

As long as you are hydrating and protecting, your skin barrier will thank you, especially in the summer. 

So let’s see how shoppable your skincare routine is - 

A gentle cleanser 

“Should we apply a cleanser in the morning or not?” - The skincare community is in shambles for this one.

The answer is simple. If you applied any actives the previous night - like AHA, BHA, Retinol, and Bakuchiol, then you should wash off your face with a cleanser. 

If you have larger pores, wash off your face with icy water to trap moisture and prevent pores from getting clogged. 

If you have really dry skin, then you should also try the cold water trick, to lock in moisture. 

However, if you do feel congestion and dirt, then you should definitely spend two minutes with your cleanse and wash it off with some cold water. 

A routine beginning with cold water - this is how easy it will be to build your skincare routine for combination skin in summer

And what makes for an everyday cleanser better than refreshing and antioxidant-rich blueberries? 

Satthwa Blueberry facewash

Satthwa’s Blueberry cleanser comes with 2% AHA BHA for giving you a clean slate in the morning for your additional skincare and makeup. 

Not only does this prevent your skin from developing summer spots with AHAs, but it also prevents potential pore-clogging that could lead to bumps, blackheads and even whiteheads. 

Along with that, you need your skin to be hydrated and plump in the summer so that the sun can do its magic and make your skin glow, without any harm. 

A dewy moisturizer 

A moisturizer that suits your skin’s own oils, will be the best tool in your skincare routine for combination skin in summer. 

This is why Jojoba Oil will be your best bet for people with both oily and dry skin. Not only does the body receive it just like sebum (our skin’s oils), but it blocks outside pollutants from collecting and blocking inside the pores, preventing blackheads and whiteheads.

Here’s Satthwa’s Jojoba Oil to get you started on your skincare essentials 

Body milk 

Keeping your body nourished, scratchy - free and glowy is important in the summers too! Lock in the moisture for the whole day with one application of Satthwa’s best-selling body milk. 

With vetiver, you’ll be smelling like a calming essential oil, all day long, and with Shea Butter, your moisture will stay intact and sweatproof as well. 

Dry and flaky body skin can turn patchy, red and inflamed in the summer leading to bumps all along the back that people usually get in the summer or with increased temperatures.

Prevent dehydrating and inflaming your chest and arms with Satthwa’s Body Milk, which is a staple for body nourishment in your skincare routine for combination skin in summer.

SPF 50

One skincare mistake that no one will forgive is not wearing Sunscreen. Refer to our previous blog here to see how to pick the correct sunscreen for your skin, especially Indian skin.  

Now that you know how to pick a sunscreen for your skincare routine for combination skin in summer, you sure know how necessary it is to protect skin with sunscreen in all weather, not just the summer. 

Satthwa's SPF 50 means you are 50 times less likely to have sun damage from sun exposure, not full protection. So what you really need to protect yourself from the sun, is protected with a scarf, or a hat. 

And that’s it. That’s how you build sun protection and maintain hydration in the summer. It is as easy as this if you continue to be consistent with your skincare routine! 

Hope you have a great summer! 

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